She-Hulk Rumored for Special Captain America 4 Appearance

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While the general reception to She-Hulk: Attorney at Law has been mixed, many are still enjoying Tatiana Maslany’s big MCU debut. However, fans are still wondering what exactly might be the bigger picture when it comes to her character in the MCU.

The biggest plot thread in that regard has been how a group calling themselves the Intelligencia is after Jennifer Walter’s blood. In fact, the final moments of the latest episode may have even revealed how they’ll go about doing that.

But what’ll come after that? Will it all be resolved by the end of the season?

Well, according to a new rumor, the storyline will not only continue into Captain America: New World Order, but it’ll also lead straight into the highly rumored World War Hulk movie.

She-Hulk Meets Captain America?

She-Hulk, Falcon Captain America

Thanks to Industry Insider KC Walsh, fans might have just learned about an upcoming cinematic appearance from Tatiana Maslany's She-Hulk.

The rumor stems from Twitter user @WorldWarHulkNew, who tweeted that Jennifer Walters aka She-Hulk will show up in Captain America: New World Order, which would make for the character's special big-screen debut. Not only that, but the events of the film will lead right into World War Hulk.

What gives that random tweet and account even the slightest credibility, is thanks to KC Walsh, who quoted the tweet and made it clear that he was the first to report it.

"When this finally gets officially announced let's see who remembers where it was reported first, just like Nova, Thunderbolts, X-Men '97 etc..."

Now, it's not clear if he's responding directly to the She-Hulk claim or just the existence of a World War Hulk project. Either way though, he didn't dispute any of the information either.

Another tweet from @WorldWarHulkNew claimed that all of these big story points will start with The Leader getting Jen's blood by the end of her Disney+ show, which will be used to create Hulks who'll show up in New World Order:

"SCOOP: She-Hulk: Attorney At Law will end with #TheLeader getting Jen's blood (will be one of his underlings). This will be the basis of other Hulk's in the MCU who will be made through Jen's blood. Captain America: New World Order will introduce these other new Hulks made by The Leader."

It's important to make it clear that none of the above is official—all of it's strictly rumor. Yes, even the existence of a World War Hulk movie.

She-Hulk's Special Movie Debut

It was known when these new Marvel Disney+ shows were announced that the starring characters would one day cross over to the big screen.

While Ms. Marvel’s next step has been known for quite awhile, no one had any idea when Jennifer Walters would cross over—besides the very broad guess that she’d appear in a World War Hulk movie, assuming one happens.

Seeing the character on the big screen will undoubtedly be a special moment not only for her but also audiences around the world. Captain America: New World Order is the perfect place for Jen to return, especially given The Leader’s involvement. After all, the big-headed villain is classically an enemy of Hulk’s.

Seeing She-Hulk in another project will also be great because audiences will get to see her dynamics with other MCU heroes and start to see those relationships evolve well before the next Avengers film arrives. If Jenn is set to show up, it’s more than likely that others are as well; maybe Sam Wilson can bring Marc Spector into the fold as well?

Also, if The Leader is truly pulling the strings in She-Hulk, could viewers end up seeing him for the first time in a post-credits tag in the show’s finale? Only time will tell.

She-Hulk: Attorney at Law is now streaming on Disney+ with new episodes every Thursday, and the next Captain America film hits theaters on May 3, 2024.

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