She-Hulk Might've Already Spoiled Its Big Villain Twist (Intelligencia Boss Explained)

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She-Hulk villain reveal ending

She-Hulk: Attorney at Law hasn’t had the most evident overarching story. That’s not a bad thing, per se, as it’s just clearly not trying to be something like WandaVision. It’s having fun with its isolated adventures and just letting viewers into Jen Walters' life.

But, there has been a small thread running in the background. One of the first key moments happened at the end of the show’s third episode when The Wrecking Crew tried to steal She-Hulk’s blood—unsuccessfully.

Then, in the most recent episode, a group calling themselves the Intelligencia was introduced. This organization seems to hold some importance in the show and may be after Jennifer’s very life.

But who is leading this group and its charge against the titular hero?

Well, looking back at the fourth episode of the show, fans might be able to surmise who’s in charge of this mysterious Intelligencia—and it’s someone viewers have already met.

Is the Leader of Intelligencia a Former Tinder Date?

Todd, Jon Bass

Towards the end of She-Hulk: Attorney at Law’s sixth episode, the Intelligencia organization was introduced to the world. Not only that but its leader was given an interesting nickname: HulkKing.

But who is this mysterious person? Well, it just might be one of Jennifer’s previous Tinder dates. The man in question is none other than Jon Bass’ Todd.

His encounter with She-Hulk in Episode 4 was a suspicious one, but at the time, there wasn’t anything to be on the lookout for.

Todd, Jon Bass

During his date, he’s quick to let Jennifer know that “[he] was a fan before [they] matched” and how he’s very familiar with “[her] battle with Titania in court.”

But things take a weird turn when Todd starts to ask questions. “Are you indestructible?… [Do you have] Super-Speed? Night vision? Impenetrable skin?”

It’s the last question that really flags him as a threat, seeing as a group of people has just tried to break through her skin to get a blood sample.

When asked if he wants to try it out, Todd gives another uncomfortable answer:

“(laughs) No, no, no. I wish. God, you’re just so powerful. What a specimen.”

Todd, Jon Bass

As unsettling and odd as that interaction was, what makes it so important? Well, let’s take a look at that needle seen just before the latest episode’s credits.

Jon Bass, Todd

It seems pretty clear that its design may very well be Vibranium—a direct connection between Todd’s conversation and this mysterious figure.

Could Todd be HulkKing? Someone who is out to get She-Hulk’s blood, likely for something nefarious.

What’s HulkKing’s End Goal?

So what is Todd, aka HulkKing, up to? Given his user name and what seems to be a crusade to get Jennifer’s blood, the dots connect to one thing: he wants to be a Hulk himself.

He was likely the person who sent the Wrecking Crew in the first place—there’s even a chance that he was the single masked member.

Now that they have a Vibranium needle, it’s safe to say Intelligencia is probably going to succeed in getting her blood at some point. Maybe it’ll get into the hands of the Wrecking Crew and turn them into their own Hulks? That would certainly be an interesting way to get them closer to their comic counterparts.

If Todd is completely separate from that group, he’s likely to also inject himself with the blood—if he isn’t the first to do so. That means Jen could have four or five new Hulks to go up against.

Hopefully, Bruce gets back to Earth sooner rather than later. Maybe Jen can even convince Abomination to help her out.

She-Hulk: Attorney at Law is now streaming on Disney+, with new episodes airing every Thursday.

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