Marvel Removes 2023 Movie & TV Schedule, Signaling Major Delays

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Marvel Studios' removal of a promo for its 2023 MCU slate suggests certain Disney+ shows may be delayed.

While nothing has been officially confirmed, this potential change supports claims that the MCU is pumping the brakes in pursuit of quality over quantity.

Originally, 2023 was expected to launch Phase 5 of the MCU with three theatrical films and five Disney+ series. 

But now, Marvel Studios' swift social media response suggests that a slimmed-down slate is more likely come 2023 and that two Disney+ spin-offs have been delayed.

Deleted Ad Signals 2023 Disney+ Delays

At 5:00 am ET, Marvel Studios' UK Twitter account posted a video promoting projects on the MCU's 2023 theatrical and Disney+ slate.

However, that video has since been deleted.

In addition to featuring recent MCU characters and events, the video listed the following 8 live-action movies and shows that were confirmed at this summer's San Diego Comic-Con to have 2023 premieres:

This deletion reinforces newfound evidence that Marvel Studios will only release three Disney+ series in 2023 and that Agatha: Coven of Chaos and Echo have, in fact, been bumped from the slate

MCU 2023 slate
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Two MCU Disney+ Shows and Counting?

The Alaqua Cox-led Echo and Kathyrn Hahn's WandaVision spin-off aren't the only 2023 Disney+ series with no release date. 

Season 2 of What If...? was originally set to release in 2022 before it was bumped to early 2023. 

But in 2023 teasers and promos, including the one which was just deleted, What If...? was nowhere to be found, indicating that Marvel Studios has delayed the animated series once more. 

It's also possible that these MCU delays won't be the last. 

Due to Blade's production woes, there has been speculation that The Marvels may shift from its July 2023 release to fill the Fall 2023 slot. 

While that remains to be seen, the real question surrounding Echo and Coven of Chaos is why they've been potentially delayed. 

Since the MCU is built upon interconnectivity, their absence from the 2023 slate could be due to canon. But if not, is it due to story problems, production issues, or rather a mandate from Marvel Studios President Kevin Feige or returning Disney CEO Bob Iger

The answers should become more clear in the coming months and if and/or when Marvel Studios confirms these 2023 delays.

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