Love Island UK 2024 Cast: Every Contestant In Season 11 (Photos)

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Love Island UK 2024 Cast & Contestants in Season 11

TV audiences have more romance and drama to look forward to with Season 11 of Love Island UK and some new cast of contestants.

The first season of the dating show spin-off Love Island: All-Stars, which focused on returning contestants, aired in the UK on January 15 before releasing on Peacock on January 29.

However, the newest season of Love Island UK already began airing on June 3, with a new cast of contestants in Season 11, including the series' first celebrity contestant.

Every Main Cast Member of Love Island UK 

Maya Jama, 29

Maya Jama, Love Island, Love Island UK, Host
Maya Jama

Instagram: @mayajama

Returning to host Love Island UK after replacing Laura Whitmore in 2022 is Maya Jama, a frequent presenter on multiple BBC shows like Peter Crouch: Save Our Summer and Glow Up: Britain's Next Make-Up Star.

Samantha Kenny, 26

Samantha Kenny, Love Island, Love Island UK
Samantha Kenny

Instagram: @samanthakenny.xx

A makeup artist from Liverpool, Samantha is "ready to settle down" and sees Love Island as "an amazing opportunity to meet someone" and hopes it's someone cockney.

She sees herself as the best auntie and says that her niece and nephew "mean everything to me." But as to why she's still single, Samantha doesn't "get out enough" in Liverpool.

As for what celebrity she would love to join the show, it would have to be "Justin Bieber because he’s hot," David Attenborough "really clever," and Olivia Attwood since "she’s hysterical."

Nicole Samuel, 24

Nicole Samuel, Love Island, Love Island UK
Nicole Samuel

Instagram: @nicolesams123

Hailing from the Wales town of Aberdare, account manager Nicole Samuel thinks "it’s my time now" to find the one for her while boasting "one of the biggest personalities in the Villa."

She wants her fellow Islanders to know she is "upfront" but claims to be still single because she's "enjoying single life and the attention of different boys." All she's asking for in a partner is for him to be "tall, dark and handsome" and "a rugby player."

Nicole would love to see Channing Tatum join the Villa "all day, every day."

Patsy Field, 29

Patsy Field, Love Island, Love Island UK
Patsy Field

Instagram: @patsylouu

Arriving in the Villa from Orpington, Patsy Field is an office administrator looking for "a sexy man" on Love Island.

Patsy's "picky and tend[s] to get bored quite easily" and unfortunately ends up "picking the wrong guys" that never work out. But she sees herself as a catch for being "funny and a very good cook" and "wifey material."

Drake and Rihanna would be the two celebrities Patsy wants on the island.

Jess White, 25

Jess White, Love Island, Love Island UK
Jess White

Instagram: @jessamywhite

A retail manager from Stockport, Jess White, feels that since "all my friends are in relationships" and settling down with kids, she "want[s] to meet somebody and to be able to do all of that stuff too."

She promises to bring "fun and honesty" to Love Island, but "maybe a bit too much honesty," not to mention that Jess sees herself as "bubbly and outgoing," which she considers to be something nice today.

Jess would love to have Jude Law and Leonardo DiCaprio when they were both closer to their prime but would laugh at Rebel Wilson's inclusion and her "sassy" attitude.

Mimii Ngulube, 24

Mimii Ngulube, Love Island, Love Island UK
Mimii Ngulube

Instagram: @mimiitafara

Coming from Portsmouth, Mimii Ngulube works as a mental health nurse and thinks that her town "is not giving" when it comes to the dating pool.

Mimii plans to see the other girls as "my rocks" and she as theirs while also "going in there to find a man." She wants to assure her fellow constants that despite having a "resting b**** face," she's "just chilling." It's only her face.

Britsh Youtuber Chunkz would be the celebrity Mimii wants on the Island so he can "bring the jokes," along with Brent Faiyaz for "eye candy."

Harriett Blackmore, 24

Harriett Blackmore, Love Island, Love Island UK
Harriett Blackmore

Instagram: @harriblackmorex

Dancing into the Villa from Brighton is Harriett Blackmore, who recently ended a three-year relationship and wants to start "a new chapter" in her life.

She is looking for "loyalty and trust" in a future partner and "good energy" that she can match. A fan of doing the splits, if she has a few drinks, "the splits come out."

Like Nicole, Harriett would love to see Channing Tatum join the Islanders.

Ayo Odukoya, 25

Ayo Odukoya, Love Island, Love Island UK
Ayo Odukoya

Instagram: @cozy.a1

A model from Canning Town, Ayo Odukoya, is not a fan of the outdoors, preferring someone willing to chill inside, but he still plans to bring "excitement and joy" to the Villa.

According to Ayo, his family and friends would describe him as "loveable, funny, a bit crazy sometimes" but still able to relax, hopefully with someone "with morals," on top of being "grounded and humble."

Sam Taylor, 23

Sam Taylor, Love Island, Love Island UK
Sam Taylor

Instagram: @samtaylorhair

From Chesterfield, Sam Taylor "just want[s] the opportunity to find a real connection" and wants to find "that spark" in the Villa.

Sam believes he brings "depth and substance" to Love Island, along with the energy but restraint enough to have "deep conversations." Sam hopes that his fellow Islanders will not judge him too harshly for his clashing appearance and job as a woman's hairstylist.

One celebrity he would love to join the Villa is Margot Robbie, his "dream woman."

Ciaran Davies, 21

Ciaran Davies, Love Island, Love Island UK
Ciaran Davies

Instagram: @ciarandaviesss

Arriving in the Villa from the South Wales town of Pencoed, surveyor Ciaran Davies thinks it's the right time for "something serious with the right girl."

Ciaran thinks his "height, beard, and Welsh accent" will make him a catch for potential partners since it "usually works a charm." However, he is quite "selective" about who he dates, looking for someone with humor and loyalty.

Funny enough, just like Samantha, one celebrity he'd love to see on the show is David Attenborough to "hear all of his stories."

Munveer Jabbal, 30

Munveer Jabbal, Love Island, Love Island UK
Munveer Jabbal

Instagram: @munveerj

Landing on the island from Surbiton, Surrey, is recruitment manager Munveer Jabbal, who says it's time for him to "start thinking seriously about the next step."

To explain why he is still single at 30, Munveer claims to be "quite picky" with "high standards." However, for him, those standards are for her to have "good values" and banter.

He would love to have comedian Micky Flanagan in the Villa "just for the banter," along with Margot Robbie.

Sean Stone, 24

Sean Stone, Love Island, Love Island UK
Sean Stone

Instagram: @seanstone__

Calling the town of Hertford his and working as a salesman of sweets, Sean Stone feels that the one thing missing in his life is his "soulmate." A soulmate he hopes is "caring, ambitious and supportive."

"Loving, caring, and thoughtful" is how Sean's friends and family describe him. Sean says he would be the kind of person who would pull over on the motorway to help change your tire.

Sean would like nothing more than to be Margot Robbie's Ken if she ever appeared on Love Island.

Ronnie Vint, 27

Ronnie Vint, Love Island, Love Island UK
Ronnie Vint

Instagram: @ronnievint

A footballer from South East London, Ronnie Vint feels that after two previous relationships, it's the right time for him to look into "settling down."

A "bubbly person" with the confidence to get along with everyone in the Villa, Ronnie believes he will "find a nice girl" while he is there. While he enjoyed being single, "doing my own thing," and focusing on football, Sean wants someone "caring and career-minded."

As for celebrities, it feels like half the cast has got Barbie fever, with Ronnie wanting to "try [his] luck" with Margot Robbie.

Joey Essex, 33

Joey Essex, Love Island, Love Island UK
Joey Essex

Instagram: @joeyessex

While he may not be Robbie like some contestants wished, Maya Jama introduced Joey Essex as a last-minute surprise at the end of the first episode of Season 11.

Joey says he is "extremely single right now" and hopes to leave Love Island, "hand in hand with the love of my life." Essex has been a frequent star and guest on dozens of reality shows since 2011, last appearing on Dancing on Ice in 2023.

Audiences will have to watch the next episode of Love Island UK tonight (June 4) to see what happens next.

Love Island UK Season 11 will start streaming on Hulu on June 8.

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