Full Cast of Love Island: All Stars 2024: Every Contestant In New Show (Photos)

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Love Island All Stars cast

2024's Love Island: All Stars highlights the return of franchise favorites such as Georgia Harrison, Hannah Elizabeth, and Luis Morrison. 

Peacock's new reality series brings back romantic hopefuls from the United Kingdom who seek romance and their happily ever after in a beautiful villa in South Africa. 

Love Island: All Stars premiered in the U.K. on January 15. It was then released on Peacock on January 29. 

Every Main Cast Member of Love Island: All Stars 

Anton Danyluk, 28

Anton Danyluk
Anton Danyluk

Instagram: @anton_danyluk

Returning to the world of Love Island is Season 5 alum Anton Danyluk. 

Anton is a fitness instructor from Dubai and the author of his book titled 50 Steps to the Best Version of Yourself

During his time on the show, Anton was paired with several female contestants, and his most iconic pairing was with Belle Hassan. The pair was eventually eliminated on Day 56. 

In Love Island: All Stars Episode 1, Anton was coupled with Hannah Elizabeth. 

Arabella Chi, 32

Arabella Chi
Arabella Chi

Instagram: @arabellachi

Love Island Season 5 cast member Arabella Chi returns in the All Stars edition of the hit reality series. 

Arabella became famous during her previous stint in the series after stealing Danny from Yewande. 

The 32-year-old bombshell told Cosmopolitan that she's ready to meet the man of her dreams in the South African villa, noting that hanging out in Hollywood circles didn't do her any favors since she has yet to find love: 

"I've been fortunate enough to be able to hang out in Hollywood circles but I still have not found love. I'm Arabella, I was on series five of Love Island. I might have recently come out of a relationship but I'm ready to meet the man of my dreams so get me back in that villa!"

Arabella also revealed that she had a fling with fellow cast member Toby Aromolaran in 2023, telling her peers, "Toby, we hooked up in the summer. There is a little bit of unfinished business there."

Callum Jones, 27

Callum Jones
Callum Jones

Instagram: @_callum_jones

Callum Jones made a surprise appearance alongside his ex, Molly Smith, at the end of Love Island: All Stars Episode 1. 

The Season 6 alum returns in the 2024 edition of the series, searching for a romantic connection with the new cast of contestants. 

Callum and Molly ended up together in Season 6, but they confirmed their breakup in September 2023. 

Chris Taylor, 33

Chris Taylor
Chris Taylor

Instagram: @christophertaylorofficial

33-year-old Chris Taylor is eager to search for love as he returns inside the confines of the Love Island universe after appearing in Season 5. 

In his previous stint, Chris was coupled up with Harley Brash, and together, they ended up being eliminated from the villa. Outside of Love Island, Chris and Harley's relationship didn't last long. 

Love Island: All Stars' debut episode highlighted how Chris caught the eye of many female contestants, but he was ultimately paired with Demi Jones after a public vote.

Demi Jones, 25

Demi Jones
Demi Jones

Instagram: @demijones1

Portsmouth native and 25-year-old Demi Jones is part of Love Island: All Stars' massive ensemble. 

The former Season 6 mainstay is a famous social media influencer outside the series. Demi was coupled with Luke Mabbott during her stint, but they broke up after their stay was over. 

Returning to Love Island: All Stars is Demi's path to redemption, with her telling Cosmopolitan that she's ready "to find love" since she has been taking care of her body and "finding [her] confidence again" in the past year: 

"I am returning to the Love Island villa because I am ready again to find love. I lost a lot of confidence with my health issues over the last couple of years but I’ve been smashing the gym this year, finding my confidence again and I’ve got it back. So, let’s find a man!"

Georgia Harrison, 29

Georgia Harrison
Georgia Harrison

Instagram: @georgialouiseharrison

29-year-old bombshell Georgia Harrison is ready to leave a mark in her return to the Love Island series.

The Season 3 alum made headlines (via Grazia Daily) in 2020 after she took her ex-boyfriend, Stephen Bear, to court after leaking their sex tape on OnlyFans. Bear was sentenced to prison for 21 months and Harrison was granted damages of £207,900. 

Georgia is looking for a fresh start in Love Island: All Stars, telling Cosmopolitan that she's hopeful to "meet someone that [she] can fall in love with" in the villa:

"As much as this year's been amazing, it’s been heavy at times and pretty serious with all of my campaigning work. This is the last year of my 20s so I want to go in the villa and have some fun and hopefully meet someone that I can fall in love with. I’m lucky in the sense that I’ve got everything in my life that I could possibly wish for, apart from love."

Georgia Steel, 25

Georgia Steel
Georgia Steel

Instagram: @geesteelx

Georgia Steel was a cast member of Love Island Season 4 where she coupled up with several guys like Josh Denzel, Jack Fowler, and Sam Bird. 

The 25-year-old and former Love Island Games Season 1 contestant's quest for love in the 2024 edition has some hurdles, considering that two of her exes (Toby Aromoloran and Tom Clare) are also present. 

In a surprising twist, though, Georgia and Toby were coupled up in Episode 1, making things interesting for the rest of the season. 

Hannah Elizabeth, 33

Hannah Elizabeth
Hannah Elizabeth

Instagram: @hannahelizinsta

Hannah Elizabeth served as a contestant in Love Island U.K.'s inaugural season and was coupled with Jon Clarke. The pair even got engaged, but they called it off. 

Hannah then found love again with a spiritual healer named George Andretti. While they broke up, they had a son named Reggie. 

In Love Island: All Stars Episode 1, Hannah was paired with Anton Danyluk. 

Jake Cornish, 26

Jake Cornish
Jake Cornish

Instagram: @jakecornish7

Love Island UK Season 7 cast member Jake Cornish returns in the All-Stars edition to try his luck in romance. 

Speaking with Cosmopolitan, Jake believes that he has "definitely matured" since his first stint on the show, hinting that his newfound maturity could take him to new heights when it comes to finding love: 

"There is nothing major I would do differently but I have definitely matured in the two years since first being on the show. I look at things differently and respond differently. When it comes to people's opinions, I don’t sit on the fence anymore. That is my way of life now, so I will take that into the villa."

Episode 1 showcased how Jake reunited with his ex, Liberty Poole, in the show, and he appeared to be satisfied with their pairing. Is a second chance at love enough to keep the spark alive for both of them?

Josh Ritchie, 29

Josh Ritchie
Josh Ritchie

Instagram: @joshuaritchie1

Season 1 alum Josh Ritchie made a shocking entrance to the Love Island: All Stars villa at the end of Episode 3. 

Making things interesting, Josh's ex-girlfriend, Georgie Harrison, is also present in the show (they dated in 2022).

Josh finished third in Season 1 alongside his partner, Lauren Richardson. He is looking to win it all this time around. 

Kaz Kamwi, 29

Kaz Kamwi
Kaz Kamwi

Instagram: @kazkamwi

Kaz Kamwi made a reputation of never going down in any disagreement when she first appeared in Love Island U.K. Season 7. 

Kaz returns in Love Island: All Stars alongside her former partners from the show, Toby Aromolaran and Tyler Cruickshank. She also has her best friend, Liberty Poole, by her side. 

Kaz was paired with Mitchel Taylor in Episode 1.

Liberty Poole, 24

Liberty Poole
Liberty Poole

Instagram: @libertypoolex

Things are interesting for Liberty Poole in Love Island: All Stars since she was coupled with her ex, Jake Cornish, immediately in Episode 1. 

Before that shocking twist, Liberty opened up, via Cosmopolitan, about her growth ever since leaving the show, noting that she's "a lot more confident" now: 

"I’ve grown so much as a person since I was first on the show, so I’m excited for people to see that. I’m a lot more confident in who I am and sure about exactly what I want from a relationship. I just want to have fun and meet a lovely boy."

In Episode 2, though, the Season 7 alum spoke with Jake about the pair being better off as friends, saying, "Maybe a good friendship could come out of this."

The friend zone is strong with this one.

Luis Morrison, 29

Luis Morrison
Luis Morrison

Instagram: @luismorrison39

Luis Morrison is another Season 1 alum in Love Island: All Stars.

Luis was paired with Cally Jane Beech during his time in the show, with them even having a daughter who is now six years old.  

The 29-year-old retired football player also has a son with famous influencer Chloe Elizabeth. 

Joining All Stars means that Luis is not yet done finding love. In Episode 1, he was paired with Georgia Harrison. 

Mitchel Taylor, 27

Mitchel Taylor
Mitchel Taylor

Instagram: @mitcheltaylor_

Mitchel Taylor, who is mostly known as "Messy Mitch," is back for another round of searching for love in Love Island after his stint in Season 10. He earned the nickname due to his confusing behavior inside the villa. 

In his introduction video from the show, Mitchel opened up about being called Messy Mitch during his previous appearance, sharing that he "got hurt and [his] guard was up:"

"I blame putting all my eggs in one basket and I got hurt and my guard was up and that's how 'messy Mitch' was created."

Mitchel is set to turn things around after he was paired with Kaz in Episode 1.

Molly Smith, 29

Molly Smith
Molly Smith

Instagram: @mollysmith19

29-year-old Molly Smith reunites with her ex-boyfriend Callum Jones in Love Island: All Stars

The bonafide bombshell is a model and influencer in real life. She also works hard to train as a personal trainer outside of Love Island

Molly was at the center of controversy in Episode 2 when she decided to do a three-way kiss with Chris and Louis despite being coupled with her ex, Callum. 

Sophie Piper, 24

Sophie Piper
Sophie Piper

Instagram: @sophpiper_

Love Island U.K. Season 6 alum Sophie Piper returns to try to leave a mark in Love Island: All Stars. She is the sister of This Morning host Rochelle Humes. 

Speaking with Cosmopolitan, Sophie decided to return to the show since she wants to take a chance finding love the second time after failing to do so during her previous stint:

"I had a fun experience the first time around but I didn’t go the full way and find love, so I'd love to find someone this time."

Sophie made her eventual debut in the show in Episode 10. 

Toby Aromolaran, 24

Toby Aromolaran
Toby Aromolaran

Instagram: @tobyaromolaran

24-year-old Essex native Toby Aromolaran returns after his stint in Season 7 where he was coupled with several women, namely Kaz, Chloe, Abby, and Mary. 

In Episode 1 of Love Island: All Stars, no one stood next to Toby after host Maya Jama asked the ladies to stand next to their person of interest. Despite that, he was eventually coupled with Georgia Steele. 

It was also revealed in Episode 7 that Toby and Arabella Chi have a history (hmm... interesting). 

Tom Clare, 24

Tom Clare
Tom Clare

Instagram: @tomclare__

Love Island Season 9 Tom Clare finished as a finalist alongside his ex-girlfriend, Samie Elishi, during his previous stint. He hopes to do better in Love Island: All Stars while also finding the love of his life. 

Tom entered the villa alongside Sophie in Episode 10, presenting a major shift in the show's dating landscape. 

Upon his introduction, Tom didn't waste time as he was tasked to choose three girls for separate dates. He chose Arabella, Molly, and Georgia Steele. 

Tyler Cruickshank, 28

Tyler Cruickshank
Tyler Cruickshank

Instagram: @tylercruickshank_

28-year-old Tyler Cruickshank returns to Love Island: All Stars, reuniting with his ex-partner from Season 7, Kaz. 

Tyler made his memorable entrance in the show in Episode 8, much to the surprise of Kaz. His arrival even made Kaz dump her current flame, Luis Morrison (now, that's how you make a statement!). 

Tyler and Kaz share a worthwhile history since they were in a relationship in Season 7 where they finished fourth overall. 

Love Island: All Stars is streaming on Peacock.

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