Full Cast of Deal or No Deal Island- Every Contestant (May 2024 Update)

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Deal or No Deal Island contestants

Deal or No Deal Island started with 13 contestants and a few have been weeded out of the competition by May 2024.

Based on Howie Mandel's Deal or No Deal game show, the exotic revival takes this cast of contestants to an undisclosed island in the Panama Islands as they search for hidden briefcases in the hunt for a massive cash prize.

Making deals with the show's Banker every episode, each contestant hopes to find the highest-value briefcase to survive elimination and continue their time in the competition.

With each contestant going up against the Banker every week and building the pot to extreme highs, every episode sees one new contestant eliminated from the bottom two cast members.

Deal or No Deal Island began airing on NBC on February 24.

May 2024 Status Update on Deal or No Deal Island Contestants

Ahead is a recap of the 13 contestants participating on Deal or No Deal Island and where they stand in the competition as of May 2024.

Joe Manganiello - Host

Joe Manganiello in a black shirt with jaguars
Joe Manganiello

Taking over the host role from Howie Mandel is longtime Hollywood veteran Joe Manganiello.

Speaking with NBC in a promotional ad, Manganiello explained his love for the nature of this game show as a kind of social experiment while adding the traditional Deal or No Deal gameplay into the mix.

Manganiello is best known for his roles in movies and TV shows such as Spider-Man, Magic Mike, True Blood, and Zack Snyder's Justice League.

Instagram: @joemanganiello

Jordan Fowler

Jordan Fowler in a sliver dress
Jordan Fowler

Jordan Fowler is 29 years old and lives in Nashville, Tennessee after growing up in the Bay Area in California.

She works in marketing and embraces a "high risk, high reward" way of life.

While she did not come into Deal or No Deal Island with any experience in using survival skills, she hopes to win the grand prize on the back of her Jamaican roots and healthy lifestyle.

Fowler made it to safety in the first eight consecutive episodes, and she wound up as the Excursion winner in Episode 9.

Instagram: @ismejofo 

Rob Mariano

Rob Mariano wearing a purple collared shirt and black baseball cap
Rob Mariano

47-year-old Rob Mariano (out of Perdido Key, Florida) comes into this show with years of reality TV experience already under his belt.

Nicknamed "Boston Rob," Mariano previously competed in six different seasons of Survivor, with his best year ending in a runner-up finish during Season 4 (Survivor: Marquesas). The winner from that season, Amber Brkich, eventually became Mariano's wife.

The pair would later compete in Season 7 of The Amazing Race during their engagement, finishing in second place together. They also competed in 2007's All-Stars version of the show, being eliminated in the fourth leg of the race.

Winning four separate Excursions and making a good deal with the Banker to avoid elimination in Episode 4, Mariano hopes to achieve a new level of reality TV success in this contest.

Instagram: @bostonrobmariano 

Amy McCoy

Amy McCoy in a red top
Amy McCoy

Amy McCoy works as a corporate benefits manager, coming to the island competition from Oklahoma City, Oklahoma.

The 42-year-old is not afraid to get her hands dirty so she can provide for her husband and three kids, describing herself as the "momster" in this series.

During her time on Deal or No Deal Island, she even claimed to have won $15,000 on a cruise, calling herself a gambling pro after that experience.

Although McCoy won three Excursions, she ranked in the bottom three twice and avoided elimination in Episode 6 with a good deal in the Banker's Challenge.

Instagram: @okcamy_mccoy

Stephanie Mitchell

Stephanie Mitchell in a purple top
Stephanie Mitchell

Stephanie Mitchell is 41 years old and resides in Gainesville, Alabama.

Mitchell made history in Alabama as she became the first Black professional midwife in state history, also serving as a strong advocate of women's healthcare.

Outside of her work, Mitchell is a mother to four children.

At the time of writing, Mitchell is still going strong in the competition, having won one Excursion in Episode 6 and winning a Banker's Challenge in Episode 7.

Instagram: @doctor_midwife

Aron Barbell

Aron Barbell wearing a blue collared shirt
Aron Barbell

Originally coming from Champaign, Illinois, and now living in Stoughton, Massachusetts, 26-year-old Aron Barbell works as an accountant.

Overcoming a speech development from his you, Barbell is a self-described master of listening and navigating various social situations.

Boasting impressive skills with crunching numbers and a love of sports, being a survivalist is the last thing Barbell lists on his proverbial resume, joking that he may have a phobia of the outdoors.

Although he won two Excursions and escaped the Banker's Challenge in Episode 1, Barbell's time on Deal or No Deal Island ended in Episode 10, being eliminated after a bad deal.

Instagram: @dontcallmeayayron

Nick Grasso

Nick Grasso wearing a white collared shirt
Nick Grasso

Nick Grasso is 29 years old with a job as a sanitation worker. He comes into the competition haling from from Brooklyn, New York.

Familiar with incredibly snowy winters and hot, muggy summers, Grasso feels he has the mental and physical strength to go far in this outdoor terrain.

Additionally, he is visibly in great shape after spending time as a college athlete.

Unfortunately, Grasso was eliminated from Deal or No Deal Island after a bad deal in Episode 9, which came after two consecutive Excursion wins prior to that week.

Instagram: @nickyy__g

Dawson Addis

Dawn Addis in a black and yellow shirt
Dawson Addis

25-year-old Dawson Addis lives in Muskego, Wisconsin, working as a realtor while also managing his family's bar.

Living with his boyfriend, Addis is a regular at the gym as he works out daily and boasts various other physical skills.

Having experience in game fishing, hunting, and camping, he hopes that his history with the outdoors will come in handy in an island setting like this one.

Addis' time on Deal or No Deal Island ended in Episode 8 after making a bad deal, and he had a couple of other episodes ranked near the bottom of the pack.

Instagram: @dawsonaddis

Alyssa Klinzing

Alyssa Klinzing in a pink top
Alyssa Klinzing

Alyssa Klinzing is 26 years old and hails from Kansas City, Missouri, highlighting her status as an influencer and a former pageant queen.

She won Miss Kansas in 2019 and placed in the Top 10 in the Miss USA pageant, and she also worked as an undisclosed Disney princess at Disneyland for seven years.

Utilizing a physical prowess from her work as a Lagree fitness instructor, Klinzing hopes her fitness will serve her well in an island setting.

Klinzing's final week on Deal or No Deal Island came in Episode 7 after she was eliminated by another contestant.

Instagram: @alyssaklinzing

Miranda Harrison

Miranda Harrison in a white top
Miranda Harrison

Miranda Harrison is a 30-year-old exterminator coming to the Panama Islands from Fort Myers, Florida.

She has no qualms about getting her hands dirty and was taught how to survive in most situations, being able to start a fire with a glass bottle and identifying plants that are safe to eat.

More recently, Harrison focused her efforts on rebuilding her Fort Myers community after it was drastically hit by Hurricane Ian in September 2022.

A bad deal with the Banker set up Harrison's leave from the show, being eliminated in Episode 5.

Instagram: @mirandaroseharrison

Kim Mattina

Kim Mattina in a blue shirt
Kim Mattina

The oldest competitor on Deal or No Deal Island is 63-year-old Kim Mattina from Anthem, Arizona, who spent almost three years in communications for the United States Air Force.

Unapologetically competitive, Mattina works out regularly and says she's in the best shape of her life, having recently run a 5K. She makes it clear that she does not intend to back down from anybody.

Along with being a huge fan of reality TV, she is an active volunteer in her community and survived a brush with skin cancer.

During the Banker's Challenge in Week 4, Mattina found herself eliminated by Rob Mariano.

Instagram: @kimmattina

Claudia Jordan

Claudia Jordan in a green top
Claudia Jordan

50-year-old Claudia Jordan is a Dallas, Texas native who works as a model, actress, and the host of Fox Soul TV's Tea-G-I-F series.

Jordan also has a history with Deal or No Deal, as she worked as a briefcase model on the original series, claiming that it taught her a few things about how this game is played.

Known for her competitiveness and her belief in karma, Jordan boats other appearances in the reality TV sphere, having been on both The Real Housewives of Atlanta and The Celebrity Apprentice.

Unfortunately, this experience did not play out well for Jordan, as she was eliminated in a Banker's Challenge in only the third episode.

Instagram: @claudiajordan

Jamil Sipes

Jamil Sipes in a black and multi-colored shirt
Jamil Sipes

47-year-old Jamil Sipes joins the Deal or No Deal Island cast out of Grand Prairie, Texas, where he works as a healthcare recruiter.

15 years of experience in sales and recruitment, according to him, gives him expertise in reading peoples' mannerisms, tone, and body language.

In terms of his physical preparedness for this competition, Sipes previously participated in several Spartan races and marathons, getting him ready for the sandy beaches and palm trees.

Sipes met his elimination in Episode 2, losing to Mattina during a Banker's Challenge.

Instagram: @jamilsipes1

Brantzen Wong

Brantzen Wong in a blue hawaiian shirt
Brantzen Wong

Brantzen Wong is 31 years old and comes to Deal or No Deal Island from Tustin, California.

Wong lives on the edge for work as he is a professional poker player and vlogger, hoping to use those poker skills against the Banker.

Sadly, that experience did Wong no good, as he was the first contestant eliminated after a Banker's Challenge with Aron.

Instagram: @brantzenpoker

New episodes of Deal or No Deal Island air on Mondays at 10 p.m. ET on NBC and stream the next day on Peacock.

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