Survivor 46 Spoilers: Winner & Finalists Rumors Explained

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Survivor 46 Maria Gonzalez, Hunter McKnight, and Kenzie Veurink

Many fans are eager to know who will become a top-three finalist in Survivor 46, but recent rumors may have even revealed who will come out as the winner.

As the name suggests, Survivor 46 is the forty-sixth installment of the ever-expanding Survivor franchise.

As with other seasons, Survivor 46's premise is simple - contestants compete in different challenges in order to remain healthy enough to stay on the show. Each week, someone is eliminated until one is left standing and crowned Sole Survivor.

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Survivor 46 Spoilers - Were They Correct?

Survivor 46 contestants
Survivor 46

Three months ago, before Survivor 46 premiered, Reddit user u/PalpitationThis3615 revealed a list of potential spoilers regarding the current season of the show.

Some of the spoilers stated things such as Tevin would make the final three, Liz and Maria being voted off early after the merge, and Kenzie and Tiffany not making the final three.

However, many of these proved to not be true.

For example, Tevin was recently voted off, so he definitely did not make the final three. 

The merge happened in Episode 6 of the show, and, as of writing Episode 9 was just released, and Liz and Maria are still present. It is still possible that Kenzie and Tiffany could not make the final three, but considering the other two rumors didn't happen, fans should be wary of believing that the two women in question won't make it.

In the comment thread to this post, a more reliable leaker that goes by u/lifetimerobot revealed that the spoiler list was "wrong:"

"Put that feeling to rest. also, this spoiler is wrong. the winner is listed as someone who doesn't make final 3."

Lifetimerobot also revealed that, unlike the original spoiler post, Charlie Davis is going to make the final three:

"Charlie is final 3, venus is mid merge somewhere."

In another comment, another Redditor asked how confident u/lifetimerobot was that the winner would be a woman, with the leaker replying, "Very confident."

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Who Will Win Survivor 46?

If what u/lifetimerobot says is true and a woman does come out on top as the winner of Survivor 46, it will have to be one of five people since there are only five women left in this season of the show.

After the latest episode, the only five women remaining are Kenzie Petty, Liz Wilcox, Maria Shrime Gonzalez, Tiffany Nicole Ervin, and Venus Vafa.

It is possible that the original spoiler post was right in the fact that two of the three finalists, but fans shouldn't put too much faith in it.

Assuming that u/lifetimerobot is correct that a woman will win Survivor 46, two notable contestants seem as though they have a good shot at being the last one standing.

The first is Liz Wilcox, who was originally a member of the Nami Tribe before the merge. Liz currently has seven challenge wins, which is tied with one other female for the most challenge wins of any of the five remaining female contestants.

Venus Vafa, who was also a member of the Nami Tribe, also has seven challenge wins, making her a formidable opponent for everyone else as well.

Of course, since Venus and Liz were in the same tribe, that made a difference before the merge, but they still had to display incredible skills to get so many wins.

It is important to remember that just because Venus and Liz have the most challenge wins doesn't mean they will win the entire competition, but, at this point in the series, they seem to have a great chance.

New episodes of Survivor 46 are released every Wednesday at 8 p.m. ET on CBS, with them being available to stream on Paramount+ the following day.

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