Survivor Season 46 Cast: Every Contestant In 2024 Episodes (Bios, Tribes & More)

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Survivor 46 cast contestants

Survivor is back for its Season 46 on CBS and Paramount+, beginning Wednesday, February 28.

Survivor 45 was a booming success to end 2023, with Dee Valladares taking home the grand prize and title of Sole Survivor.

In 2024, 18 new contestants will try to outwit, outplay, and outlast their opponents on Survivor 46. Back on the Mamanuca Islands in Fiji, here's a deeper look at every incoming castaway on this season of Survivor.

Every Survivor Season 46 Castaway

The cast of contestants in every season of Survivor makes or breaks the show's level of entertainment, but based on the first look at this group (provided by Entertainment Weekly) it is gearing up to be a fun year.

Hunter McKnight - Nami

Hunter McKnight on Survivor Season 46
Hunter McKnight

Hunter is a 28-year-old science teacher from French Camp, Mississippi, known for his clever and competitive nature. He enjoys building Survivor challenges, playing sports, and camping. He surprisingly left a full-ride scholarship for medical school to teach in his hometown, a decision that proved successful.

As many fans know taking risks is a massive part of Survivor, but timing is everything when it comes to switching up alliances or winning a critical immunity challenge.

Liz Wilcox - Nami

Liz Wilcox on Survivor Season 46
Liz Wilcox

Liz, a 35-year-old marketing strategist from Luther, Michigan, now residing in Orlando, Florida, embodies determination and authenticity, evident from her journey to independence and self-belief. 

Despite her humorous nature and love for running, Liz's resilience and confidence shine through. She wants to be a fierce competitor who doesn't take issue with back-stabbing potential alliances if it helps her game.

Randen Montalvo - Nami

Randen Montalvo on Survivor Season 46
Randen Montalvo

41-year-old aerospace tech from Brooklyn, New York, Randen, is described by friends as relentless. 

He enjoys hobbies like running endurance marathons, indulging in sports cars, and participating in extreme sports. One of his significant life changes involved moving to another state, starting a family, and joining the military while in an existing career. 

Soda Thompson - Nami

Soda Thompson on Survivor Season 46
Soda Thompson

Soda is a 27-year-old special ed teacher from Long Island, New York, now residing in Lake Hopatcong, New Jersey, she describes herself as intentional and determined. Her friends might describe her as silly and anxious, but she's proud of the life she's built, overcoming statistics and odds, and has a fear of butterflies despite her courageous nature.

Time will tell if the Survivor's life will be a good fit among the elements and with a limited food supply.

Tevin Davis - Nami

Tevin Davis on Survivor Season 46
Tevin Davis

Tevin, a 24-year-old actor hailing from Virginia, is known for his kind and optimistic personality traits. Tevin's life took a positive turn when he accepted a role in Beauty and the Beast during his 8th-grade year, which significantly impacted his trajectory. He achieved academic success as a first-generation college graduate, finishing with Magna Cum Laude honors. 

On Survivor 46 Tevin will get a chance to show off that wit and his upbeat nature could help him form close connections.

Venus Vafa - Nami

Venus Vafa on Survivor Season 46
Venus Vafa

Venus, a 24-year-old data analyst from Richmond Hill, Ontario, currently living in Toronto, is known as passionate, persistent, and sassy by her friends.

She took significant risks to pursue better opportunities, like attending a university far from home against conservative family expectations, with graduating being her proudest achievement, showcasing her resilience. Despite her confident exterior, she's deeply observant and discerning in relationships.

Ben Katzman - Siga

Ben Katzman on Survivor Season 46
Ben Katzman

A 31-year-old musician from Miami, Florida, Ben embodies passion and courage, evident from his decision to leave a burgeoning music career for personal happiness. 

Despite being perceived as a laid-back rocker, Ben's emotional depth and intelligence shine through. His commitment to mentorship and artistic expression mirrors his Survivor mindset heading into Season 46.

Charlie Davis - Siga

Charlie Davis on Survivor Season 46
Charlie Davis

Charlie, a 26-year-old law student from Massachusetts exudes loyalty and humor, evident from his leadership in college athletics and academic achievements. 

Despite his competitive spirit and nerdy hobbies, Charlie's emotional depth and dedication to his loved ones shine through. He hopes his strategic mindset and ability to navigate complex situations will help him become Sole Survivor.

Jemila "Jem" Hussain-Adams - Siga

Jemila "Jem" Hussain-Adams

Jem is a 32-year-old international brand mentor from Berbice, Guyana, now residing in Chicago. She embraces risk-taking and resilience, evident from her journey to the U.S. with just a suitcase. With a vibrant personality and a love for binge-watching TV, Jem thrives on challenges and adventures. 

Her proudest moment lies in her survival and success in the U.S., possibly giving her an upper hand heading into this season of Survivor.

Maria Shrime Gonzalez - Siga

Maria Shrime Gonzalez on Survivor Season 46
Maria Shrime Gonzalez

A 48-year-old parent coach from Dallas, Texas, Maria embodies determination and compassion, evident from her life experiences and commitment to empowering others as a mother of three children.

As the oldest castaway on Survivor 46, it will be enticing for viewers to see whether this works as an advantage or ultimately not help her game.

Moriah Gaynor - Siga

Moriah Gaynor
Moriah Gaynor

Moriah, a 28-year-old program coordinator from Boca Raton, Florida, radiates drive and authenticity, looking to bring those attributes to the game of Survivor

She says her relocation to California (where she now resides) was one of the riskiest decisions of her life. Despite her quirky hobbies and sentimental side, Moriah's determination and resilience will be what she's leaning on to win Survivor 46.

Tim Spicer - Siga

Tim Spicer on Survivor Season 46
Tim Spicer

Tim Spicer is a 31-year-old college coach from Arlington, Virginia, and currently residing in Atlanta, Georgia. He is described by his friends as goal-oriented, charismatic, and a strategic thinker—some great traits for a successful castaway on Survivor.

He took a significant risk in applying to graduate school to enhance his credentials in education, ultimately being accepted into a program at George Washington University. Among his proudest accomplishments are his achievements in work performance, being a parent, and meeting former President Barack Obama.

Bhanu Gopal - Yanu

Bhanu Gopal on Survivor Season 46
Bhanu Gopal

Bhanu, a 41-year-old IT quality analyst from Visakhapatnam, India, now residing in Massachusetts, radiates energy and empathy, evident from his adaptability and support for others. 

Despite his initial extroverted impression, Bhanu's introspective nature and emotional intelligence will be his secret weapon on Survivor 46.

David Jelinsky - Yanu

David Jelinsky on Survivor Season 46
David Jelinsky

A 22-year-old slot machine salesman from Las Vegas, Nevada, David exudes passion and intelligence, evident from his academic achievements and diverse interests.

Despite his initial perception as a hothead, David's maturity and empathy are what he will try to utilize on his way to success in this season of Survivor.

Jessica "Jess" Chong - Yanu

Jessica "Jess" Chong

Jess, a 37-year-old software engineer journeyed from Hong Kong to Toronto and now lives in San Francisco, California. Her persistence is key, having transitioned from quitting two entry-level jobs to establishing a successful freelance web design business, which eventually evolved into a rewarding full-time position. 

While successful in her career, family has always been key for Jess and maintaining those relationships. On Surivivor 46 she will need to use her people skills and trusting nature to form strong alliances.

Kenzie Petty - Yanu

Kenzie Petty on Survivor Season 46
Kenzie Petty

Kenzie is a 29-year-old salon owner who lives in Charlotte, North Carolina. Her friends describe her as resilient, driven, and adventurous, highlighting her inspiring and uplifting personality. 

Despite lacking a business degree, she took a significant risk by opening her own salon and navigating challenges like the COVID-19 pandemic, yet she remains most proud of fostering a cooperative and successful work environment filled with artists daily.

Q Burdette - Yanu

Q Burdette on Survivor Season 46
Q Burdette

A 29-year-old real estate agent from Memphis, Tennessee, Q has a risk-taking personality and loyalty to his community and family.

Having grown up as one of 17 kids, he began taking risks early in life, with the most significant being quitting their job to pursue a career in real estate, ultimately changing his life for the better. Additionally, Q takes great pride in being the first person in their entire family to graduate college.

Tiffany Nicole Ervin - Yanu

Tiffany Nicole Ervin on Survivor Season 46
Tiffany Nicole Ervin

Tiffany, a 33-year-old artist from New Jersey, describes herself as curious, passionate, and artistic. 

Tiffany's proudest accomplishment is her decision to pursue being a full-time artist after being laid off from her job of six years, a move that has worked out better than expected. She admits to having a love for playing the lottery and that she might not be able to resist the temptation to gamble on Survivor.

The premiere of Survivor 46 on CBS will air on February 28 at 8 p.m. ET/PT, featuring two-hour episodes for the first two weeks followed by a regular 90-minute runtime.

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