Survivor 46 - New 2024 Season Release Date Schedule of Episodes (Confirmed)

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Survivor 46

The official 2024 release dates for the first episodes of Survivor 46 have been set and announced by CBS and Paramount.

Survivor 45 was a success in Fall 2023, introducing 90-minute episodes that gave audiences a deeper look into the castaways and their alliances.

CBS recently revealed the lineup of 18 fresh contestants set to battle it out on the upcoming 46th season of Survivor

Survivor 46 Schedule on CBS & Paramount+

The schedule is set for the first two episodes of Survivor 46, confirmed by Paramount and CBS. 

Season 46's highly anticipated premiere will make history with back-to-back two-hour episodes airing on Wednesday, February 28, and March 6 at 8:00-10:00 p.m. ET/PT. 

For those unable to catch it live, the series will be available for streaming on Paramount+ with live and on-demand options. 

The rest of 2024's new season will be reduced to 90-minute episodes, but the first two weeks combining for four hours (with commercials) is a testament to CBS' confidence in Survivor 46.

Here's a look at the Survivor 46 schedule, with the first two episodes being confirmed and the following 11 to most likely be released during these dates starting at 8:00 p.m ET:

  • Episode 1 - Wednesday, February 28
  • Episode 2 - Wednesday, March 6
  • Episode 3 - Wednesday, March 13
  • Episode 4 - Wednesday, March 20
  • Episode 5 - Wednesday, March 27
  • Episode 6 - Wednesday, April 3
  • Episode 7 - Wednesday, April 10
  • Episode 8 - Wednesday, April 17
  • Episode 9 - Wednesday, April 24
  • Episode 10 - Wednesday, May 1
  • Episode 11 - Wednesday, May 8
  • Episode 12 - Wednesday, May 15
  • Episode 13 - Wednesday, May 22

What Happens during Survivor 46?

Many fans believe Survivor 45 was the best of the series' "new era" which ended with an impressive victory from Dee Valladares.

Survivor Season 41 began a "new era" began with a shortened format, departing from the traditional 39-day gameplay. The previous season, Winners at War, aired during the COVID-19 pandemic.

To adapt to pandemic challenges, the show reduced gameplay to 26 days, allocating the remaining two weeks for player quarantine, alongside other format adjustments to maintain the show's integrity.

Hosted by Jeff Probst, 18 contestants will compete in Fiji for the chance to win a prize of $1 million and the title of Sole Survivor in the new 2024 season. 

Once again, the castaways will be divided into three tribes of six, with this season promising to be fast-paced and include new twists that test their strength and strategic evolution.

One hope for many fans is that, unlike Season 45, there will not be any early quitter from the show that takes away much of the drama and importance of the early episodes.

Considering the multiple two-hour-long episodes to kick off the new year, fans should expect an action-packed beginning to Survivor 46.

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