Survivor 46 Spoilers: Who Wins? Rumors & Speculation Explained

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Survivor 46

Only five contestants remain ahead of the Survivor 46 finale, causing much speculation as to who will win this season of the show.

Survivor 46 began with 18 people ready to battle it out over the course of 26 days.

The winner, who will be one of five remaining competitors, will win the grand prize of $1 million and also have the bragging rights of calling themself Sole Survivor.

Who Will Win Survivor 46?

Going into the Survivor 46 finale, fans know that either Kenzie Petty, Liz Wilcox, Charlie Davis, Ben Katzman, or Maria Shrime Gonzalez will be the ultimate winner and Sole Survivor.

In the penultimate episode, Quintavius Burdette (better known as Q) was eliminated despite being in possession of an immunity idol.

On a side note, immunity idols seem to be somewhat of a curse in Survivor 46 as there have been five of them in total (an all-time record for Survivor), and none of their owners have used them before being eliminated.

Any of the remaining contestants have a fair chance to win considering they have each made it this far into the ruthless competition, but these two seem to have an edge over the others:

Kenzie Petty

Kenzie Petty on Survivor 46
Kenzie Petty

Anyone who has been keeping up with Survivor 46 at all will likely agree that Kenzie Petty seems to be well on her way to being crowned Sole Survivor.

Kenzie may not have the most impressive track record in terms of playing the strong game and making herself stand above the rest in all of the challenges, but no one plays the social game like she does.

Survivor isn't all about being the best physically. It is important to remember that winning ultimately comes down to voting, and contestants like Maria may have burned too many bridges to get the votes she needs. 

Kenzie also proved herself in multiple recent episodes with Tiffany gone (who allied herself with Kenzie and almost acted as her shield in many cases).

It is also important to note that reliable Reddit leaker u/lifetimerobot revealed on the platform that they were "very confident" a woman would be the winner.

If that is true, then it will likely come down to either Kenzie or Maria, and if one had to choose, Kenzie seems the most likely of the two to come out on top.

Charlie Davis

Charlie Davis on Survivor 46
Charlie Davis

Charlie may be Maria's closest ally, but the two aren't as loyal to each other behind the scenes as they think they are.

Episode 12 showcased Charlie winning the reward challenge early on, with his prize being Chinese cuisine and the ability to read letters from loved ones back home.

However, Charlie was also told that he could bring two contestants with him and they could share the same benefits he was receiving, and instead of choosing Maria, Charlie instead brought Kenzie and Liz with him.

While Charlie and Maria were split up, they both revealed to the other members of the group their desire to get rid of the other.

It is clear that, despite working together throughout Survivor 46, Charlie and Maria see each other as a genuine threat.

However, Charlie has played a more balanced game than Maria in terms of physicality and social skills, giving him a slight edge over her.

The Survivor 46 finale will air on CBS on Wednesday, May 22 at 8 p.m. ET and will be available to stream on Paramount+ the following day.

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