Deal or No Deal Island Finale Spoilers: Who Wins the Show?

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Deal or No Deal Island

As the inaugural season of Deal or No Deal Island comes to a close, many can't wait to see who will win the entire competition in the show's finale.

Deal or No Deal became a hit popular game show for over a decade, seeing fans make and lose huge cash deals until it ended in 2019.

However, Deal or No Deal Island recently raised the stakes in every way possible, adding a group of contestants, different challenges, and - of course - more money.

Who Is Going to Win Deal or No Deal Island?

After Episode 9 of Deal or No Deal Island aired, only five contestants remained on the show: Aron Barbell, Rob Mariano, Jordan Fowler, Stephanie Mitchell, and Amy McCoy. Unfortunately for Aron, he was eliminated in Episode 10.

In Episode 11, only four remained as fans expected someone else to be eliminated, which would cement three finalists for the finale.

However, no one ended up being eliminated and the episode instead ended on a cliffhanger. 

At the end of the episode, the contestants were put into a maze. One part of the maze contained cases with higher values of money and one side contained cases with lower values. 

Of course, the objective was to grab a case with the highest possible value, because the person who held the case that contained the lowest value would be eliminated. 

That wasn't the end of it, though. The Banker let it be known that the last person to exit the maze, despite the value of their case, would also be eliminated.

The episode closed with two contestants out of the maze (Jordan and Stephanie) and two still in (Rob and Amy). So, naturally, many can't wait to see whether Amy or Rob will make it out first and be safe from elimination.

That being said, of the four remaining contestants, here are the two who have the best chance to walk away from the finale as the winner:

Jordan Fowler

Jordan Fowler
Jordan Fowler

If Rob had made it out of the maze before the end of Episode 11, he would be the clear favorite to walk away as the winner.

However, since he didn't, the odds now point to Jordan.

Jordan has flown under the radar since the start and is only just now getting a lot of screentime to showcase her abilities since there are only a handful of contestants left.

It is also extremely hard not to say that Jordan will win due to what she said she would do with the money.

When all of the contestants were talking to each other about their motivations, Jordan mentioned that she wanted nothing more than to start a family. Seeing how adoption, IVF, and other options are so expensive, she said she would use the prize money to make her dreams of being a mother come true.

So, with that kind of determination and a lot of the fanbase behind her, Jordan has a fantastic chance to win the inaugural season of Deal or No Deal Island.

Rob Mariano (Boston Rob)

Rob Mariano (Boston Rob)
Rob Mariano (Boston Rob)

Even though Rob could be eliminated at the start of the finale, he still technically has a chance, and as he has proved in the past (on Deal or No Deal Island and other reality shows), that is all he needs.

Some might be convinced that Rob will surely be going home, but he might have one final trick up his sleeve.

In Episode 11, the remaining four contestants were all together when the Banker made an appearance overhead in his helicopter.

The show made the entire scene a bit of a spectacle, building tension until a case was dropped from the helicopter to the water below.

While the other contestants just stood by, Rob dove headfirst into the water and swam out to retrieve the case, which contained a congratulations message on making it to the final four.

However, it is possible that the case had something else inside that Rob didn't share with the rest of the group.

After all, the show made it seem as though this case was a big deal, and the fact that it was dropped way out in the water for someone to retrieve makes it hard to believe that whoever grabbed it wouldn't be awarded something.

Perhaps Rob was granted some kind of immunity in the maze challenge at the end of the episode, and that is why he took such a risk in getting one of the high-value cases. If he knew that he couldn't be eliminated from coming out of the maze last, he would most definitely try to get a case with an extremely high value.

It is also important to mention that Rob has been deceptive in other game shows. For example, when he was on Survivor, Rob would hide or destroy clues that led to getting immunity so that he could secretly gain the upper hand in challenges, so he may have done the same here.

Did Deal or No Deal Island Already Spoil the Finale?

Amy in Deal or No Deal Island finale

It is possible that the Deal or No Deal Island editors and producers already spoiled one person who will be competing in the finale.

In the season preview footage shown at the beginning of the show, a couple of quick shots featured Amy taking part in some sort of rope climbing challenge.

This particular challenge has not happened yet on Deal or No Deal Island, and fans haven't seen Amy or any other contestant do something even remotely similar to what is shown in the footage, meaning that it likely takes place in the finale.

It is possible that it could have been a challenge from earlier in the season that was edited out entirely because it seems as though including footage from the season finale would be very counter-intuitive, but all signs point to it actually being something that fans will see in the final episode.

If that is the case, then that means Amy will make it out of the maze before Rob does and he will be eliminated.

However, it is important to keep in mind that the case Rob retrieved from the water could save him from elimination, though, so even if she does make it out before him, there is still a small chance he may not have to go home.

It is also worth mentioning, though, that host Joe Manganiello sat down with Rob Has a Podcast (shared via YouTube) to talk about the finale. At one point, Manganiello revealed that he thought both competitors who are in the finale would "quit" during the "finale Excursion:"

"You're going to get a final Excursion that is harrowing, to say the least. Again, who wants it the worst? Because, there is a moment during this final Excursion where, in the pit of my stomach I just thought, 'What if they both quit? Like, what happens then?' You know, it was real. It was like, 'There's no way. I don't think this is going to happen.'"

If that is the case, it is hard to imagine that Rob would seem as though he would quit an Excursion, especially with as much money on the line as there is in Deal or No Deal Island.

So, due to the season preview footage and Manganiello's comments about the finale, it is possible and even likely that Rob will be eliminated at the beginning of Episode 12, leaving Jordan the most likely winner of the inaugural season of Deal or No Deal Island.

The Deal or No Deal Island finale will air on NBC on Monday, May 13, and will be available to stream on Peacock the next day.

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