Deal or No Deal Island Finale Spoilers: Winner Revealed - Here's How They Won

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Deal or No Deal Island Amy and Jordan

The inaugural season of Deal or No Deal Island is now in the books after many fans were on the edge of their seats waiting for a winner to be crowned in the finale.

After the penultimate episode of Deal or No Deal Island ended on a cliffhanger, viewers already had an idea of who would win the inaugural season. 

One of Rob Mariano (Boston Rob), Amy McCoy, Jordan Fowler, or Stephanie Mitchell would be crowned as the champion, being the only contestants left standing for the finale.

Did Rob Win Deal or No Deal Island?

Rob Mariano in Deal or No Deal Island

Fan favorite Rob Mariano's (aka Boston Rob) fate was up in the air after Episode 11 came to a close, as was the fate of other contestants.

At the end of that installment, Rob and Amy were in a high-stakes foot race to see who could make it out of the maze first. The catch for the maze was that whoever made it out last was automatically eliminated.

However, before Episode 11 teased who lost the maze challenge and would be going home, the footage cut away, not revealing the information until the start of the finale.

To the dismay of many, Rob could not beat Amy out of the maze, meaning that he was eliminated at the beginning of the finale. 

Stephanie Mitchell was also eliminated at the start of the episode since she held the case with the least amount of money.

So, for the majority of Deal or No Deal Island's final episode, Jordan and Amy squared off as the two outright finalists.

Who Is the Winner of Deal or No Deal Island?

Amy McCoy in Deal or No Deal Island

After Amy and Jordan cemented themselves as finalists in the Deal or No Deal Island finale, the two had to compete in one final excursion.

The rules were simple - each contestant started at one end of a high wire and had to walk across it to retrieve a golden case hanging from a red rope right in the middle of them. Whoever reached the rope first still didn't win the show, though, because they still had to come face-to-face with the mysterious Banker.

After Amy and Jordan battled it out in a final excursion that was filled with drama, stakes, and a lot of commitment from the two finalists, Jordan ultimately made it to the middle of the wire and grabbed the golden briefcase. He thus eliminated Amy and took sole possession of the top of the Deal or No Deal Island Season 1 mountaintop.

Who Is the Banker in Deal or No Deal Island?

Howie Mandel, Joe Manganiello, and contestants in Deal or No Deal Island

The Banker in the original Deal or No Deal series always hid behind a tinted pane of glass, not revealing themself to the audience or the contestants.

In Deal or No Deal Island Season 1, the circumstances were both similar and different at the same time.

In this instance, the Banker still never revealed themselves throughout the season despite playing a major role in the show.

However, since Jordan won the final excursion, she got to meet the Banker face-to-face and challenge him to see just how much money she would walk away with.

Many fans theorized who the Banker would be throughout Season 1, with the majority hoping it would be original Deal or No Deal host Howie Mandel.

Those hopes and theories were proven true in the finale when it was revealed that Mandel was, in fact, the Banker, and the owner of the private island the contestants were on.

How Much Money Did Jordan Win on Deal or No Deal Island?

Howie Mandel on Deal or No Deal Island

Going into Deal or No Deal Island, the show let viewers know that the winner could walk away with an astronomical amount of money.

When Jordan battled Howie, she had to play one last traditional game of Deal or No Deal against him, with the highest case on the board being valued at over $13 million.

Jordan chose No Deal on multiple rounds until Howie offered her $1.23 million, which is more than any Deal or No Deal winner has ever made in the history of the original show.

Thinking of her family, Jordan decided to take the money, which was a good decision considering the case she chose was revealed to have only $1,000 in it.

When Jordan set out to compete on the show, she revealed that if she won she would use the money to explore different options for her and her husband to become pregnant.

In a heartfelt moment at the end of the finale, Deal or No Deal Island revealed that five weeks after Jordan won the prize money, she was officially pregnant.

Will There Be a Deal or No Deal Island Season 2?

contestants in Deal or No Deal Island Season 1

NBC officially confirmed that Deal or No Deal Island was already renewed for Season 2.

However, filming has yet to begin, so it is unclear when the new installment will premiere, but fans can definitely expect to see a new group of contestants try to win up to $200 million when the show inevitably returns.

Deal or No Deal Island Season 1 is available to stream on Peacock.

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