Who Is Amy from Deal or No Deal Island? 3 Things to Know About Amy McCoy

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Amy McCoy, Deal or No Deal Island

Amy McCoy is one of four contestants who could win the inaugural season of Deal or No Deal Island, and fans should know a few facts about her.

13 contestants came face to face with one another on the first episode of the new reality hit, with Amy McCoy being one of them.

Throughout the show, Amy has escaped elimination multiple times and has won three Excursions.

Who Is Deal or No Deal Island's Amy McCoy?

Deal or No Deal Island's Amy McCoy

Amy Joining Deal or No Deal Island Was Not Planned

Making it to the finale of Deal or No Deal Island is an impressive feat, but the fact that Amy McCoy did not even plan to be on the show makes it even more inspiring.

According to McCoy, who appeared in an interview with Oklahoma City's KJ103 radio station (shared via Facebook), she and her mom "are huge reality TV fans" and have "always wanted to" star on some of the popular series.

McCoy then detailed that they "tried out for [The] Amazing Race," but that they weren't selected:

"My mom and I are huge reality TV fans. Like, we've always wanted to do 'Big Brother' [or] 'Survivor,' things like that. So, we had tried out for '[The] Amazing Race' and we didn't make it. I think we sent in our submissions later than most people, so we kind of got on the edge and we didn't make it."

The finalist revealed that NBC then asked her about being on Deal or No Deal Island, even though she did not try out for it or even expect it:

"And then [the network] reached out over the summer [and] was like, 'Hey, there's this new show coming up we think you guys have a great personality for, is that something you'd be interested in?'"

McCoy added that she was told there would be "millions of dollars" on the line, easily convincing her to take part in the show:

But they were like, 'There's millions of dollars,' like millions with an S, and I was like, 'Millions, okay. Sign me up! I don't even know what I have to do but sign me up!'"

Amy Wants To Take Care of Her Grandmother if She Wins

Amy probably does not know exactly how she would spend the millions of dollars she could potentially win on Deal or No Deal Island.

However, she does have one thing in mind that she would like to do if she ends up winning, and it includes her grandmother.

In an interview with the KTEN television station located in Ada, Oklahoma, McCoy specifically revealed what kind of health her grandmother is in, and how she would like to use the money to "charter a private jet" so that they could see the world together:

"My grandmother's older. She's on oxygen full-time, so I would charter a private jet and we would just go to, like, Bora-Bora, Bali, Egypt. We would just travel all the places." 

Amy Is a Huge Football and Basketball Fan

Aside from enjoying reality TV shows with her mother, Amy also loves watching sports in her spare time - specifically basketball and football.

As most other Oklahomans do, Amy loves to cheer on the NBA's Oklahoma City Thunder (who are the #1 seed in the NBA playoffs as of writing).

Amy shared photos via Instagram of her and her husband attending Thunder games in the past.

On the football side, Amy calls herself a diehard Dallas Cowboys fan.

The Cowboys are one of the most popular teams in the entire NFL (they are also nicknamed America's Team due to their popularity). According to her Instagram, Amy has experienced multiple Cowboys games in person.

Where Can Fans Find Amy McCoy Online?

For fans who want to keep up with Amy McCoy's life behind the scenes, the Deal or No Deal contestant can be found on Instagram with the username @okcamy_mccoy and on X (formerly Twitter) @OKCAmy_McCoy.

The season finale of Deal or No Deal Island will premiere on NBC on Monday, May 13, and will be available to stream on Peacock the next day.

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