Who Is Aron from Deal or No Deal Island? 4 Things to Know About Aron Barbell

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Aron Barbell Deal or No Deal Island

Aron Barbell is the latest contestant to be eliminated in Deal or No Deal Island

Aron had a strong run on Deal or No Deal Island, where he made it to the final five contestants. 

However, he made a bad deal with the Banker by choosing to accept the $1,199,000 offer rather than the briefcase containing $3.5 million, ultimately leading to his elimination.

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4 Things To Know About Aron Barbell

Aron Barbell in Deal or No Deal Island
Deal or No Deal Island

Aron Is a Dog Lover

Aron proudly shares that he currently owns a Chiweenie (Chihuahua & Daschund hybrid) named Keko on his Instagram page. 

Prior to owning Keko, Aron had a childhood dog named Cleo, who sadly passed away in January 2024 after spending 13 years with Aron. 

In a heartfelt social media post on Instagram, Aron revealed that Cleo was given a proper goodbye, pointing out, "She knew she was with people who loved her:"

"She passed peacefully, and at the choice of our family, so she was given a proper goodbye. She got to eat hamburger meat, and even though she couldn't see much (even with her remaining eye), she knew she was with people who loved her. It was a great journey, and she is in a better place now."

Aron Has a Speech Impediment

Although Aron has a speech impediment, it didn't stop him from making an impact in Deal or No Deal Island

Speaking with The Champaign Gazette in February 2024, the 26-year-old discussed his speech impediment and, seeming to be unbothered by it: 

“I have a speech impediment, and I’m obviously very small, so I’ve always got this chip on my shoulder, so let me do something crazy.”

True enough, he used his speech impediment to his advantage, allowing him to take a step back and listen to other contestants while also exploring social cues to see how he could outsmart the rest.

In the same interview, Aron explained his mindset before joining Deal or No Deal Island, embracing the fact that he's just "a normal guy:"

"You walk in to see everyone and there’s no one that looks like me. Everyone was like, 'Most people would call them attractive and a few people were famous. I’m just like a normal guy.' So I’m really proud of kind of owning that.”

Aron Doesn’t Like Being Outdoors

Hailing from Champaign, Illinois, Aron is not a fan of the great outdoors, telling the Champaign Gazette that he prefers clean environments. 

Despite that, Aron ended up enjoying the challenges in the competition while also admitting that living on the island grew on him throughout filming. 

As an accountant, Aron works from home (which explains why he doesn't like the outdoors). During his downtime, he usually spends time with his girlfriend, Alyssa, and his dog, Keko, or just playing video games with his friends. 

In fact, Aron's official bio on NBC's website revealed that he is not a survivalist.

In the same interview with The Champaign Gazette, Aron talked about his experience filming scenes for Deal or No Deal Island, pointing out that he couldn't handle it at first: 

“The first day, I couldn’t handle it. It was too much, with the cameras in my face, but eventually, I forgot about it.” 

Aron Auditioned for Big Brother

Aron initially auditioned for Big Brother, but he didn’t pass. However, the casting directors liked him, leading to his eventual participation in Deal or No Deal: Island.

As a huge fan of reality TV, Aron was ready to play mind games and form alliances (and destroy them if necessary) in Deal or No Deal Island, telling the Champaign Gazette that the main goal is to win some money: 

“I’m really somebody who values honesty and truth in real life, but it’s a show. You’re there to win money. I knew my strategy was going to be, I’ll say one thing to one person and maybe say something else to another person."

Aron also said that it was important for him to remember that all of it is a game and there should be no hard feelings if betrayals will happen.

How To Follow Aron Barbell Online

For more updates about Aron Barbell, fans can follow him on Instagram (@dontcallmeayayron).

New episodes of Deal or No Deal Island are released every Monday at 10 p.m. ET on NBC and are available to stream on Peacock the following day.

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