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Deal or No Deal Island contestants

A few different Deal or No Deal Island contestants seem to have the upper hand as the inaugural season of the show enters its final episodes, leaving many to wonder which of the finalists will ultimately become the winner.

Deal or No Deal Island takes the simple premise of the Deal or No Deal game show and raises the stakes. 

Instead of one contestant choosing a case and then chancing their fate with the Banker, an entire group has to face challenges on an island and find briefcases as they play.

For the first time in Deal or No Deal history, contestants are competing against one another and can be eliminated until only one remains.

Who Will Win Deal or No Deal Island?

In Episode 9 of Deal or No Deal Island, Nick Grasso was officially eliminated after he accepted an offer from the Banker that was less than the amount of money inside of his case (the Banker offered Nick $4.417 million, but Nick's case was worth $4.5 million).

As per the game's rules, if a contestant goes up against the Banker and accepts an offer less than what their case is worth, they are automatically eliminated.

Since Nick was forced to go home, only five contestants remain on Deal or No Deal Island: Aron Barbell, Rob Mariano, Jordan Fowler, Stephanie Mitchell, and Amy McCoy.

Any of these finalists could ultimately win the challenge and bring home an incredibly large amount of money, but some seem to have a bit more of a chance than others.

So, of the five finalists, here are the three that are most likely to win Deal or No Deal Island:

Rob Mariano (Boston Rob)

Rob Mariano
Rob Mariano

Rob Mariano, also known as Boston Rob, has an extremely good chance of being the winner of the inaugural season of Deal or No Deal Island.

For starters, Rob is very experienced not only in reality TV but in game shows like Deal or No Deal Island.

It is important to remember that he was a contestant on the Survivor series, and not just once, but five different times (he even won Survivor: Redemption Island). He also starred on The Amazing Race with his wife twice, so if anyone has the experience to win Deal or No Deal Island, it is definitely Rob.

Rob has also been gifted with luck in many of the show's episodes, including Episode 9. Many thought that he would be eliminated in that installment, but he ultimately ended up escaping by the skin of his teeth.

So, due to his experience with game show competitions and his luck, fans would be smart to bet on Rob to come out as the winner.

Aron Barbell

Aron Barbell
Aron Barbell

Seeing as how Rob has a good chance of winning, Aron is also in a good position to come out on top.

Rob and Aron are team members on Deal or No Deal Island, so since the two have to work together in a sense, Rob's experience and position to be the winner also increase Aron's chances.

It is also important to mention that Rob has a lot of enemies on the show, making Aron even safer as of now.

At the end of Episode 9, Rob specifically targets Stephanie, saying, "If it’s the last thing I do, I’ll make sure Stephanie does not win this game."

Jordan Fowler

Jordan Fowler
Jordan Fowler

Many also believe that Jordan Fowler is another candidate who could win Deal or No Deal Island, but not for the same reasons as Rob and Aron.

Instead of going after everyone as hard as possible, Jordan has intentionally flown under the radar and tried to make herself as unseen as possible.

She has also had a shockingly low amount of screen time across the nine episodes that have been released as of writing, almost making it seem as though the producers want to shock viewers if she wins in the end.

Are the Producers Rigging Deal or No Deal Island?

Joe Manganiello in Deal or No Deal Island

Some fans believe that the Deal or No Deal Island producers are intentionally rigging the show so that certain contestants can become finalists and even be the final last-standing winner.

For example, the producers have a fairly large amount of power in their hands when it comes to who is eliminated. 

In Deal or No Deal Island, the Banker can make a personal offer to any one contestant. 

However, the only catch is that, if the offer is accepted, the contestant must self-eliminate from the show.

With that being said, some believe that, if one of the contestants the producers are in favor of is in danger of being eliminated, they can just give a personal offer to the contestant threatening them.

For example, if the producers really liked Rob and wanted him to win the show and one of the other contestants was thinking about eliminating him, the Banker could give them a personal offer of a large amount of money that they couldn't possibly turn down, which would keep Rob safe.

However, when everything is boiled down, Deal or No Deal Island is all about money. 

The show will have to shell out a large amount of money no matter who the winner is, so it seems as though if they were going to cheat or rig the game, it wouldn't be for a particular person, but rather the amount of money the winner will get.

It is important to remember that Deal or No Deal Island is a reality game show, so it is completely impossible to know just how fair and authentic the competition is. 

However, one would have to put a little faith in the show and the producers and expect them to be fair to the contestants, especially if the series is to remain successful in terms of viewership.

New episodes of Deal or No Deal Island are released every Monday at 10 p.m. ET and are available to stream on Peacock the following day.

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