The Circle Netflix Season 6 Cast: Every Contestant In 2024 Episodes (Photos)

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The Circle contestants

The Circle Season 6's cast not only includes human contestants but also features its first-ever AI (Artificial Intelligence) robot. 

The hit reality series from Netflix returns in 2024 and puts players inside The Circle apartments. They are all isolated, and the only way to speak to each other is via the Circle app. 

Each contestant needs to strategize to become the most popular to win the grand prize of $100,000. 

The Circle Season 6 premiered on Netflix on April 17. 

Every Main Host & Contestant of The Circle Season 6 


Michelle Buteau

Michelle Buteau
Michelle Buteau

Instagram: @michellebuteau

IMDb: Michelle Buteau 

Veteran stand-up comedian Michelle Buteau serves as the host of 2024's The Circle Season 6. 

Aside from presenting the brand-new season's challenges and contestants, Buteau also provides critiques and snarky comments about the cast members, leaning toward her signature comedic timing to give viewers a good laugh. 

As an actress, Buteau is best known for appearing in Isn't It Romantic, Always Be My Maybe, and Survival of the Fittest.




The Circle Season 6 makes history in 2024 by introducing an AI robot as part of its pool of contestants. 

In the series, Max has no information about his fellow players, giving the AI a clean slate on who to trust as the popularity competition progresses. 

The other players have no idea that Max is a robot as his main strategy in the series is to pose as a veterinary intern from the Midwest. 

Kyle, 31


Instagram: @kylefullerofficial

Kyle is a professional basketball player who joined the competition with his French Bulldog, Deuce. 

The Miami native is married in real life, but his strategy in The Circle Season 6 is to introduce himself as an "extremely single basketball trainer." He confirmed that his wife knows about his strategy, though. 

Episode 1 sees Kyle claiming that he wants to build strong alliances with the rest of the contestants. 

Cassie, 29


Instagram: @cassiecsaylor

Cassie is a 29-year-old mother from Manchester, Kentucky.

She explains in the series that she already has experience in being a catfish after catching her cheating husband in the past. 

While she plays herself in Season 6, Cassie believes that her past catfishing tenure is an advantage for her to win the whole thing. 

Brandon, 34


Instagram: @b_randonbaker

34-year-old Brandon is proud to admit that living alone inside The Circle will not be a problem since he already does that in the real world. 

Brandon is a nursing assistant, pointing out that he's pretty much "the hospital's bitch."

He enters The Circle as a catfish, posing as his friend Olivia. While he says that he can definitely make people laugh, posing as Olivia "can make people thirsty."

Brandon plans to use Olivia's looks as his advantage in the game.

Quori-Tyler, 26


Instagram: @quorityler

Quori-Tyler is a former NBA dancer from Los Angeles who doesn't shy away from sharing her true feelings with anyone. She also admits that she is a The Circle superfan. 

Quori-Tyler wants to dominate the competition from start to finish, building secret alliances and overcoming rivalries to achieve this goal. 

In Episode 2, Quori-Tyler reveals that her dating life is "as dry as the Sahara Desert," but she hopes to hit two birds with one stone by finding romance and winning the grand prize. 

Lauren, 26


Instagram: @laurenshiraa

Lauren, 26, is a self-proclaimed nerd, a proud gamer, cosplayer, and a Twitch streamer. She says in the confessional that she plays games for at least 10 hours daily. 

Lauren says that her background in streaming allowed her to get used to talking to people through a screen. In other words, she is a sociable person. 

She enters The Circle Season 6 as herself and wants to meet "some hot people" since she is recently single.

Caress, 37


Instagram: @_ladycaress

Working as a motivational speaker from Dallas, Texas should prove to be a valuable asset for 37-year-old Caress since she knows the right words to say to help her fellow contestants with the right mindset (making it easier to trust her). 

Caress enters The Circle as a catfish, posing as her younger brother, Paul (who has at least 300,000 followers on social media). 

Myles, 29


Instagram: @yungpapi.fuego

Myles (aka Yung Papi Fuego) is a skilled AI engineer who is also the social life of the party. He enters The Circle as himself. 

His background in AI allows him to detect anomalies within The Circle, and he is trying to find out if people are catfishing. 

In Episode 1, Myles pointed out that he will not be the source of any drama, but he knows when to "stir the pot" to make things interesting. 

Steffi, 35


Instagram: @spirit_sis

As a psychic medium and professional astrologer, Steffi hopes her strong intuition could lead to triumph in The Circle Season 6. 

Steffi brings her emotional support skeleton (ESS), Herbert, into the apartment and describes him as her "homie."

She doesn't want to tell the others that she is a psychic. Despite that, Steffi admits in the confessional that her dead aunt is helping her win the competition. 

Autumn, 21


Instagram: @autumnannofficial

As a 21-year-old ranch girl, Autumn is the youngest in the group of Season 6 contestants. 

Autumn enters the competition as her genuine self. While she has an honest vibe and down-to-earth personality, Autumn still knows how to play the game and outlast everyone for the ultimate cash prize.

Jordan, 24


Instagram: @itsjordanstaff

Jordan, 24, is a photographer from Austin, Texas, who plays himself but with a twist. 

He enters the competition by embracing his more approachable self to build alliances, but he admits that he is willing to play dirty if necessary to win.  

The Circle Season 6 is now streaming on Netflix.

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