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Loki: New Poster For Mysterious Time-Keepers Released

Time Keepers, Loki

Loki is introducing a plethora of new elements into the larger MCU, and a major one is the Time Variance Authority. The organization debuted in the first episode of the Marvel series, arresting Loki and laying the ground rules of how the Sacred Timeline must be protected at all costs. 

Tara Strong's Miss Minutes paved the way for the TVA's introduction, revealing details about a multiversal war that led to the creation of the time-based institution. The ones who were responsible for the TVA's existence are the mysterious Time-Keepers. 

Aside from the hilarious "space lizards" slander from the God of Mischief, not much is known about these powerful characters, but Loki already teased that they control the proper flow of the Sacred Timeline. Owen Wilson's Mobius also revealed that the Time-Keepers are “toiling away in their chambers” and working toward “untangling the epilogue” to multiple branches of the story.

Now, a new poster for the cosmic beings has been revealed ahead of the stretch run of Loki. 


Marvel Studios officially released a brand-new poster for Loki, showcasing a fresh look at the mysterious trio of the Time-Keepers. 

The Time-Keepers, Loki logo
Marvel Studios



This latest poster could hint at a bigger role for the Time-Keepers ahead of the remaining episodes of Loki

On a plot level, it makes narrative sense for the Disney+ series to finally unveil what's really going on with these cosmic beings, and it's possible that a major scenario will likely happen that will involve them and the duo of Loki and Sylvie. It seems fitting that the Time-Keepers mysteries will be unraveled by the runaway Variants, and this could lead to the reveal that the TVA is just a cover for a dangerous scheme. 

The third episode, "Lamentis," established the fact that the Time-Keepers are heavily guarded by unknown forces, thus cementing the idea that they are not really all-powerful after all. If this is the case, then Loki and Sylvie will have a much better shot at defeating them and the rest of the TVA if everything goes according to plan. 

The Time-Keepers could potentially serve as the villains of the Tom Hiddleston-led project, leading to a major showdown once all is said and done. 

The first three episodes of Loki are now available to stream on Disney+.

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