Loki Star Reveals Sylvie's Problem With Loki's Decision at the End of Season 2

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In a recent interview, Loki actor Sophia Di Martino (Sylvie) spoke about how her character feels following Loki's character-defining decision at the end of Season 2.

Loki's Season 2 finale was the culmination of over a decade of character development throughout the MCU and saw Tom Hiddleston's character take on an Atlas-like role, holding together the branches of the multiverse.

For the branches to stay intact, Loki must remain, holding them together, potentially for the rest of time — a sacrifice the newly titled God of Stories was prepared to make, especially given that it will ensure his loved ones' universes and homes are safe.

Sophia Di Martino on Loki Finale

In an interview with CherryPicks, Loki's Sophia Di Martino (Sylvie) revealed her character's what her character thinks about Loki's sacrifice in the Season 2 finale.

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She shared that Sylvie "has a lot of respect for Loki," and "is super grateful" for Loki making the choice he did, despite it putting him "in quite an uncomfortable position:"

"Oh, I think she has a lot of respect for Loki for doing that by the end of [Season 2], for giving her and everyone else a chance, and knowing that he has to spend eternity now on his own in, well, I imagine he’s in quite an uncomfortable position holding all of time together. So, I think she has a massive amount of respect for him, and also is super grateful that he’s done that, and he’s had the thought to do that. So, she’s sort of relieved that they have a chance at this by the end, and grateful."

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Di Martino does think that "because it's Loki and Sylvie," she may feel a need "to keep an eye on the situation." She noted that Loki being on a throne could be an issue, as it "historically speaking ... hasn't gone well:"

"I think, because it’s Sylvie and Loki, there is also a grain of some thought within her that is going to keep an eye on the situation, because at the end of the day, right, he has his throne, and he is doing his God thing on this throne and historically speaking, that hasn’t gone well."

She acknowledged that Sylvie would be "a little bit apprehensive," given both what happened when He Who Remains "was controlling all of time," and the fact that Loki would "find it really difficult not to meddle" if something on the timeline "goes wrong." However, she noted that if he does, it calls into question the "free will" that his sacrifice brought to many with his sacrifice:

"The last person in that chair, the last person who was controlling all of time wasn’t great. So, I think Sylvie is just a little bit apprehensive about the fact that it’s, you know, free will can never be free will if there’s someone in charge of it all. And that person, you know, what if Loki sees something on the timeline that he does not like? He’s going to find it really difficult not to meddle, or not to intercept something, or change something somehow."

Di Martino continued, noting that "because they are versions of the same being," Sylvie understands Loki, and understands how much of a challenge stepping back from control can be. She also says that "trusting is the most difficult thing for [Sylvie] to do," and given that and all the other factors, she's "going to keep [her] eye on [him]:"

"And I think she knows him so well, because they are versions of the same being that it’s going to be difficult just to sit back and do nothing if something goes wrong, right? … So yeah, massive respect, hugely grateful, and also, 'I’m going to keep my eye on you, buddy.' It’s because it’s Sylvie and trusting is like the most difficult thing for her to do."

What Could Be Next for Sylvie?

With Loki Season 3 still up in the air, fans don't yet know where Sylvie could appear next if she were to return.

Thor 5 is in development in some capacity. It could be interesting to see how the Loki Variant fits into Hiddleston's Loki universe for a couple of reasons.

First, as all fans know, Thor still does not know about Loki's sacrifice. In fact, Thor probably does not even know that Loki is back alive, thanks to time travel shenanigans. He would certainly have a strong reaction of some kind to learning his brother came back to life (again), died (again), and has a Variant, seemingly navigating the universe on her own.

Also, Sylvie could fit into the world of Thor and Loki in the MCU as she is not only a Loki Variant but also has strong similarities to the Marvel Comics character The Enchantress.

Like Sylvie, The Enchantress is adept at sorcery, has many godly traits, and is closely tied to Asgard and its adjacent stories. As such, Sylvie could lean into The Enchantress side of her character, giving way for new comics-inspired stories in the MCU.

Both seasons of Loki are available to stream on Disney+.

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