Loki Season 2 Director Confirms What We All Suspected About 'God of Stories' Ending

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Loki Tom Hiddleston Season 2 ending

MCU fan suspicions about Loki's new title haven't only been confirmed but explained.

Loki Season 2 ended with Tom Hiddleston's villain-turned-hero destroying the Sacred Timeline and saving the Multiverse by constructing a Yggdrassil-style tree out of the branches with himself at the center. 

Since this ending showed Loki on a throne and with timelines in his hands, fans suspected he was no longer the God of Mischief but the God of Stories, a name and arc from the comics, even though that name is never specifically mentioned in the show.

Now, audiences are finally learning the truth behind Loki's new role. 

Loki Director Confirms Suspected "God of Stories" Ending

Loki during the Season 2 finale ending

When asked about the ending of Loki Season 2, series director Aaron Moorhead told the Phaze Zero podcast Loki is now "the god of everyone's story."

According to Moorhead, the idea for Loki becoming the God of Stories stems from "the actual god" from Norse mythology, along with a Wikipedia page and a Whiteboard:

"One of the early days' discussions about how we're going to be treating the entire final episode, especially the last half of the final episode, we were actually looking at the Wikipedia for Loki - not the comic book character but the actual god - and he was the God of Stories."

He also revealed the name was "a little note" on a Marvel Studios Whiteboard as well:

"And, when we looked up at the Whiteboard that Tom and Kevin [Wright] the producer brought us in to see, it had written God of Stories. It was just a little note somewhere, and we really really latched on to that."

The Disney+ director went on to share that he wouldn't even call Loki "the god of time," but rather "a librarian that protects" everyone's story and "allows it to flourish:"

"And so we feel like somebody who is the God of Mischief, he's the God of Chaos and trickery and all of that, has transformed into - I wouldn't even say the god of time - I would say he's the god of everyone's story, and he's a librarian that protects it and allows it to flourish." 

Will the MCU Call Loki the "God of Stories"?

Even though Loki's new role is, as suspected, meant to be the God of Stories, it's unknown whether that's his actual new title in the MCU. 

Not only was the God of Stories' name never stated in the show, but both a Marvel Studios social media post and a Loki Season 2 Funko titled him "God Loki." 

Of course, Loki's name isn't the only question fans have as the character's MCU future is also unknown at this point. 

But regardless of when fans see him again, Aaron Moorhead's comments confirm that Tom Hiddleston's asgardian is, essentially, the God of Stories, regardless of whether the MCU calls him that or not.

And, the decision to complete his arc in this way is one of the best character moves Marvel Studios has made to date on Disney+.

Loki Season 1 and 2 are streaming now on Disney+.

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