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Jason Momoa became the target of DCU fans' ire after showing his support for Ezra Miller's upcoming DC movie, The Flash.

The Flash has been thrust into the spotlight again thanks to its recently released Super Bowl trailer, which highlighted an exciting journey through multiple universes on which Barry Allen will embark in this long-awaited solo outing. But no matter what reception the movie brings, there is still a great deal of controversy surrounding Ezra Miller due to the actor's off-camera actions.

In January, Miller was reported to be taking a plea deal after being charged with burglary and petty larceny, which was only the latest in a string of legal issues that have plagued them over the past few years.

Co-star Kiersey Clemons recently commented on how hard it's been to see Miller experience this, and she's not the only star who's shown support for her colleague and the film through this experience.

Fans Angry at Jason Momoa for Flash Praise

Aquaman and Flash

Following the release of The Flash's Super Bowl trailer, Aquaman star Jason Momoa shared the trailer on his Instagram page to promote the release.

He also included the following caption showing a great deal of support for the movie's troubled star, Ezra Miller:

"I’m so excited and proud of this movie. Love you, Ezra

can’t wait to see this aloha j"

However, the majority of the most-liked comments on his post are from his followers criticizing him for offering Miller so much love and support.

vane.n.d. pointed out how many issues Miller has dealt with while wondering why Momoa gave him a kind "aloha" in his caption:

"Not you saying aloha after all the things [they have] done"

rafagoom shared their own love for Momoa, but they also expressed disappointment and noted that it will keep them from watching the movie:

"Jason, I love you. But support a movie with Ezra on it knowing that [they are] not getting the charge of [their] misbehavior, not to say crimes, and earning a lot of money because of it, is disrespectful in so many levels that I can’t express myself but to not watch it."

mrliracarrillo simply asked "You’re proud of [them]?" in complete disbelief of the situation.

jasminedreams called this caption "very tonedeaf" in light of all the people that Miller has affected through this saga:

"Oof… I mean, many of us understand loving an abuser but this caption is very tonedeaf to those affected by Ezra’s actions"

sgregory711 called for Miller "to be in jail" after everything that's happened, asking Momoa if he'd let his co-star near his children:

"You’ve always seemed like a real stand up guy. Ezra needs to be in jail for the stuff [they’ve] pulled. Would you let [them] near your daughters? I doubt it."

jesse.daarling said the situation is "bullshit of the highest degree" and lamented how much criminal activity Miller is associated with:

"Nah - so sorry too many crimes committed to be behind this. And literally swept under the rug because $$$ . This is bullshit of the highest degree"

me_gay_howabsurd expressed disappointment in Momoa, having liked the Aquaman star before seeing his support for Miller:

"I’m so disappointed…I really liked you…backing up Ezra??? Really???"

naraclansecretweapon understands "supporting a fellow actor," but also pointed out how money seems to be playing a pivotal factor in this post more than morals while sharing their disappointment for the Aquaman actor:

"I recognize you are supporting a fellow actor but seriously. . . .after the stuff he has done. . .this is just another show of how money and connections matter far more than the moral fsilings of a person’s actions. Kind of rrally disappounted in you here :( you cannot say you support planetary change and protection when you cant even fall on the right side of proper behavior especially in the lime light."

Momoa isn't the only co-star of Miller's to voice support for the star. Fellow The Flash actress Saoirse-Monica Jackson previously said that audiences will "be completely blown away" by Miller's performance in the movie.

Will Miller Support Backfire on Momoa?

Jason Momoa is no stranger to controversy over the last few years, having to deal with trouble surrounding his own movie thanks to the legal drama surrounding co-star Amber Heard.

But considering all of the issues Miller has found themselves in over the past three years, many aren't happy with Momoa for being so willing to praise and support his co-star, even considering the circumstances.

Since Miller has met with Warner Bros. on a couple of occasions over the last few months, it seems as though the two parties are working together to overcome the problems the actor has had in the public eye.

However, that doesn't completely eradicate the trouble that he's in, which is the main thing that fans see when looking at Momoa's supportive comments.

Surprisingly, Miller is actually being considered for a potential comeback with DC after his solo movie, even with the massive changes coming to this franchise under DC Studios co-CEOs James Gunn and Peter Safran.

Looking at it from Momoa's perspective, he's been one of DC's biggest supporters for years through his time as Aquaman, and he's always been one to hype his co-stars as the franchise has expanded. 

Seeing this support for Miller isn't surprising, although many will be paying attention to Momoa's social media posts as both of their controversial movies inch closer to release.

The Flash will arrive in theaters on June 16.

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