James Gunn Announces First Superhero Actor for DC Reboot

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James Gunn DC Justice League

DC Studios co-CEO James Gunn has just confirmed the first superhero set to star in his upcoming DCU reboot.

The upcoming DCU reboot looks to be exactly what fans need, especially following The Flash's drastic dip at the box office. Not even Batman could save the DCEU's big summer blockbuster.

At the beginning of 2023, Gunn and co-CEO Peter Safran announced their new plans, including Superman: Legacy (without Henry Cavill), a Green Lantern series, and another Batman film titled The Brave and the Bold focusing on Bruce and Damian Wayne. 

David Corenswet Cast as Superman in DCU Reboot

David Corenswet
David Corenwet

James Gunn has confirmed the report that David Corenswet and Rachel Brosnahan have been cast in Superman: Legacy as Clark Kent and Lois Lane, respectively:

"Accurate! (They are not only both incredible actors, but also wonderful people)."

The new Man of Steel represents the first official hero to be cast in the new DCU. The cast of the upcoming DCU animated show Creature Commandos has been previously announced, but that team has been referred to as antiheroes.

Several new DCU cast members have already been revealed, including the return of Viola Davis' Amanda Waller and Frank Grillo jumping from Marvel to DC as Rick Flag Sr.

  • Viola Davis - Amanda Waller
  • Frank Grillo - Rick Flag Sr
  • Maria Bakalova - Princess Ilana Rostovic
  • Indira Varma - The Bride of Frankenstein
  • Zoë Chao - Nina Mazursky
  • Alan Tudyk - Doctor Phosphorus
  • David Harbour - Eric Frankenstein
  • Sean Gunn - GI Robot/Weasel
  • Steve Agee - John Economos

A New DCU Justice League is Forming

Corenswet's new Clark Kent represents a new beginning for the DC Universe franchise.

Filling out the Legacy cast will take priority, as it is the one future DCU film that has a release date on the theatrical calendar. Lex Luther and Jimmy Olsen are likely Gunn and Safran's next target after locking down their Clark and Lois.

Whether or not Gal Gadot's Wonder Woman will be recast is unclear, even though the studio is not moving forward with a Patty Jenkins-directed Wonder Woman 3.

It's unclear when this will occur, mainly because the new DCU timeline isn't set, but multiple Green Lanterns, Supergirl, another Bruce Wayne/Batman, and many more heroes will be cast in the rebooted DC Universe over the next few years.

Superman: Legacy releases in theaters on June 11, 2025.

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