Oscar Isaac's Moon Knight Series Could Be Adding Daredevil Actress To Cast

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Marvel Studios has a packed slate for the rest of Phase Four filled with a multitude of long-awaited comic heroes making their on-screen debuts. By the end of this chapter of the ever-expanding franchise, Shang-Chi, Ms. Marvel, Moon Knight, Blade, Ironheart, and The Fantastic Four will have all joined the MCU in their own solo outings.

One of the most anticipated of this line-up is the Moon Knight Disney+ series. The long-awaited MCU debut for the caped hero will feature Star Wars' sequel trilogy actor Oscar Issac in the lead role, while Mission Impossible's Ethan Hawke takes up a villainous role

The Indiana Jones-esque series will translate Marc Spector directly from the comics in an exploration of his many personalities caused by severe mental illness. Multiple directors are currently in production on Moon Knight in Budapest with filming set to move to the United Kingdom in the coming months.

As filming continues, so does the casting process as the six-episode project fills up its line-up of guest and recurring actors. While no official announcements have been made in some time, it seems a familiar Marvel actress may be joining the series in an undisclosed role.


 Daredevil Dina Shihabi
Dina Shihabi in Netflix's Daredevil

According to a recent report from The Ronin, Arab-European actress Dina Shihabi is in consideration for an unknown role in the upcoming Moon Knight Disney+ series. The Ronin was unable to confirm the identity of Shihabi's potential character or whether she has signed on to the upcoming Marvel project.

The actress is best known for her role as Hanin Suleiman in the Jack Ryan Amazon original series, Neda Kazemi in Netflix's Daredevil, and Dig 301 in Altered Carbon.


Moon Knight is currently filming in Budapest, Hungary with Oscar Issac as the titular character and Ethan Hawke as an unconfirmed villain. Additionally, Ramy actress May Calamawy has been speculated to play a love interest to Issac's Marc Spector in the series.

Aside from the previously described three castings, very little is known about the upcoming solo project in terms of plot or character details. Given only three characters have been announced so far, it'd make a lot of sense that Marvel is still looking to cast more roles for the six-episode series. 

Despite some reports of Calamawy being set to take on the love interest role in Moon Knight, some fans are still speculating that Shihabi could be up for the role of Marlene. Those familiar with Marc Spector's comic history will recognize Marlene as an Egyptian archeologist who is frequently in a romantic relationship with the caped hero.  

Given the high budget of the Marvel series and the six-hour running time of these shows, fans should expect to see plenty of well-known names join Moon Knight. As has been shown with the two MCU Disney+ blockbusters so far, as well as The Mandalorian, there are sure to be plenty of major actors who show up for just an episode or two and don't necessarily take on a large role.

Based on this, the extent of Shihabi's role remains unclear in terms of whether her role will be recurring or a guest appearance. If this rumor is true, an official announcement will likely come soon as production continues in Hungary before moving to the United Kingdom for its second location. 

Moon Knight is set to debut on Disney+ in 2022. 

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