Marvel Spoils Title for What If Season 1 Finale Ahead of Disney+ Release

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What If...?, Party Thor, The Watcher, Doctor Strange Supreme

Over the past nine weeks, Marvel Studios has explored the world of animation for the first time with the other-worldly Disney+ series What If...?.

Taking a deep look back at the events in the Infinity Saga, the series uses each new episode to give fans a look at eight Absolute Points in time that were changed to lead to versions of stories fans know and love.

Through the course of Season 1, none of the episodes released have interconnected with one another, each seemingly happening in their own corner of the multiverse for the time being. Even after trailer moments and promotional material teased the Guardians of the Multiverse potentially forming, the only sign of any episodes tying together was the end of Episode 8 with Party Thor leading into its successor that featured an all-powerful Ultron.

It's already been confirmed that one episode from Season 1 was pushed to Season 2, although there are no set plans for when the next bunch of episodes will debut. As for the episode coming in the immediate future, fans now know exactly what to expect in the high-octane season finale.

What If...? Finale Gets Its Title

Entertainment Weekly got official word from Marvel that the title of the What If...? Season 1 finale will be "What If...The Watcher Broke His Oath?"

What If...? Episode 9 Watcher
Marvel Studios

Via Twitter user @OneTakeNews, Marvel also released a short promo for the show's last episode of 2021. It features the computer screen that has been used in previous TV spots with no dialogue on it before the Watcher comes up to it, the screen cracking as he does:


Guardians of the Multiverse Assemble!

At long last, the leading characters from What If...? Season 1 will find a way into the same universe to fight the impending doom that threatens possibly all of existence.

Throughout the season, the Watcher has made it perfectly clear that he is only there to observe the show's events and serve as "your guide through these vast new realities." However, thanks to a brutal fight with Episode 8's Infinity Ultron that left the Watcher wounded physically and mentally, there seems to be no other option than for him to help save the day.

The show's trailers and TV spots have teased various moments from the Guardians' eventual team-up, such as Doctor Strange Supreme and Party Thor on a mountain and Captain Carter standing alongside T'Challa Star-Lord and Gamora: Daughter of Thanos. With all of these heroes' power and the threat of Infinity Ultron destroying the multiverse, it's clear that the Watcher will break his oath that he "(does) not, can not, will not interfere."

Following his heart-to-heart with Doctor Strange Supreme last week, it will be exciting to see exactly how the Watcher navigates the multiverse to assemble this elite team. It will surely take everybody involved to stop the show's leading villain as he utilizes the six Infinity Stones to wreak havoc in multiple realities.

The Season 1 finale of What If...? will premiere on Disney+ on Wednesday, October 6, 2021.

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