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The most recent episode of What If...? showed fans the origin of how Infinity Ultron came to be; this was the same one that entered the scene after Thor's big party ended the episode prior.

Many fans adored the episode, and this incarnation of Ultron quickly became a fan favorite. However, there were questions to be had, namely about how the Infinity Stones were used by their wielder.

Back in Loki's series premiere, Loki could be seen shifting through lifeless Infinity Stones, now dubbed as paperweights, that had lost their luster alongside the ability to utilize their power sets. 

So how was Infinity Ultron able to use them as he punched The Watcher through the multiverse?

Infinity Stone Fan Complaints Addressed

Ultron Infinity Stones What If

What If...? head writer A.C. Bradley took to Twitter to wish everyone a happy Monday, also taking the moment to comment on all of the complaints regarding the Infinity Stones in the show's latest installment.

Bradley noted that "Ultron is using the Infinity Stones to power himself (same universe being)" while "legit punching across multiverses:"

"Happy Monday! Just a reminder that Ultron is using the Infinity Stones to power himself (same universe being). Also he's legit punching across multiverses turning them into one messy universe soup. #WhatIf #WhatifMarvel #WeDidOurHW #YouAreAllAmazing"

Infinity Stone Questions Still Remain

Bradley's explanation at face value brings some questions. If that is the case, would the ability to power Ultron himself also be lost as he goes across universes? Or is it the case that as long as the person using the Infinity Stones is from the same universe as them, then they will work no matter where they are.

Maybe that was the rule the whole time, and what Loki showed audiences was simply misinterpreted incorrectly.

After all, the stones that Loki shifted through at the TVA were not of his universe. Audiences never saw him hold that Tesseract from his home universe again either.

When it comes to the TVA, there are possibly other unexplained countermeasures involved. After all, magic was also blocked within their endless offices.

The use of the Infinity Stones wasn't the only question that fans brought up about the latest What If...? episode. How were both Ego and Xandar still around? How was Gamora still alive if Thanos had both found and acquired the Soul Stone? Most importantly, how did Ultron beat Thanos with five Infinity Stones so quickly

Either way, fans are in for quite an eventful finale this week as What If...? will likely provide a showdown between the Guardians of the Multiverse and Infinity Ultron. How will they beat the unbeatable foe?

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