Marvel Delayed One of the Funniest What If Episodes to Season 2

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What If...? is currently airing on Disney+, and it has been showcasing ideas that Marvel fans likely never thought they would see within the MCU. The biggest example of this came with the zombie episode, which showcased our heroes navigating an Avengers: Infinity War world ravaged by a quantum zombie virus—even Thanos got in on the action.

The most recent episode took things in a very different direction. The seventh installment explored a world where Thor was an only child, and due to that, he became the galaxy's biggest partiers - one who makes a mess out of Midgard.

While the zombie episode had funny elements within it, Thor's outing was the first to be a full-blown comedy-based episode. However, it apparently wasn't always the only through-and-through comedic installment.

Delayed What If? Episode Revealed

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In a sitdown with Deadline's Hero Nation podcast, What If...? head writer AC Bradley revealed that "another comedy episode" was the one which was "pushed to season 2" due to the COVID-19 pandemic's effects on production schedules:

"We did have another comedy episode in the season... more in the pure comedy vein... which is the one that has been pushed to season 2 due to COVID production issues..."

Another Funny What If...? Episode to Come

While Thor's party in Vegas certainly didn't hit all the right chords with many fans, there's no argument that it was a nice break from the string of tragedies which preceded it. The real question is what situation is shown off in the episode pushed to Season 2.

Without any evidence, it's pretty hard to guess; with the endless creative freedom at the writer's disposal, the episode could literally be anything.

There's still a lot to focus on this season. Given the end of Thor's episode, Ultron seems like he's going to be quite the problem for the Multiverse—the murder bot even surprised The Watcher.

With two episodes left, what's in store for viewers? Will the penultimate Season 1 story be about Ultron's origins before he faces off against everyone in the finale? Or will the next episode introduce the fandom to The Mad Titan Gamora, before her involvement with the rest of The Guardians of the Multiverse?

Fans will have to tune in to What If...? every Wednesday on Disney+ to find out.

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