Watch: Marvel's Robert Downey Jr. & Don Cheadle Pay Tribute To Black Panther Actor Chadwick Boseman

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Don Cheadle, Robert Downey Jr, Chadwick Boseman

Marvel fans have spent most of the last three months finding ways to process and grieve the loss of MCU superstar Chadwick Boseman, who lost his battle with colon cancer at age 43 on August 28. Coming as one of the most unexpected celebrity passings in recent memory, with Boseman keeping this battle a complete secret to the world, the news came as a devastating blow to what had already been a miserable year in 2020.

Boseman's fans and coworkers have found so many ways to honor his memory during this time through beautiful paintings from Marvel's finest artists, his co-stars reliving experiences next to him on screen, and even a new rendition of the Marvel Studios introduction logo focused solely on the Black Panther star.

Recently, Boseman was chosen as a posthumous recipient for a meaningful award from MTV, and the presentation for that award has finally arrived tonight via a social media blast.


A new post from the official MTV Twitter page released a tribute video from MCU stars Robert Downey, Jr. and Don Cheadle paying tribute to the late Chadwick Boseman, who was selected for the MTV Hero for the Ages honor at the MTV Movie & TV Awards: Greatest of All Time retrospective special.

Cheadle offered this quote describing the way he watched his superhero co-star live his life during the four years in which they worked together:

The way he lived his life united people behind a higher purpose, and that will be his legacy.

Downey described to the world how there was "something different and special about Chadwick Boseman" before offering his own thoughts on the impact Boseman made through his work in the MCU:

Mr. Boseman truly embodied what it meant to be a superhero.

The full two-minute tribute to Chadwick Boseman can be viewed in the tweet below:



This award from MTV honors stars whose on-screen heroism is only surpassed by their actions and deeds off-screen, both qualifications that were checked off undoubtedly by Chadwick Boseman. Through his four years in the MCU playing T'Challa, most notably starring in 2018's Black Panther solo film, he embodied everything it takes to be recognized as a hero and made a profound impact on the lives of both his fans and coworkers alike.

On top of the beautiful tributes from the actors behind Iron Man and War Machine, the MCU's brightest stars have all shared their unfiltered love and respect for Boseman and his work, as well as their relationships with the late star over the past few months. Tributes to the on-screen King of Wakanda have even made their way into other media forms, notably with two testimonials in the newly released Spider-Man: Miles Morales PlayStation game in the form of a street being renamed in his honor and a post-credits message in memory of his life.

Chadwick Boseman will live on in the MCU family for generations to come, and this latest award is just another indication of how meaningful of an impact he made on the world. The final performance of his storied career is rumored to come as T'Challa in 2021's What If...? on Disney+.

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