Chadwick Boseman Smiles During Black Panther Costume Fitting In Newly-Released MCU Photos

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Chadwick Boseman, Black Panther

Even considering that 2020 is the first year in over a decade with no new MCU content, the worst blow for Marvel fans came with the tragic passing of Black Panther star Chadwick Boseman on August 28. The 43-year-old megastar fought a grueling battle with colon cancer, keeping it secret from the world until the end, and the entire MCU family and fandom has dealt with the shock and sorrow of this loss for the last three months.

Boseman's friends and colleagues have spent that time paying tribute to him with old photos and heartfelt messages through social media and interviews, remembering him as a kind soul and an incredible actor. Lately, the MCU family has taken to sharing behind the scenes looks at his work as the Black Panther , especially close to a time of what would have been his 44th birthday passing.

The newest of these behind the scenes images has just arrived, and it gives a glimpse into one of the earliest moments from his profound tenure in the MCU.


In a new post from the Ironhead Studios' Instagram page , two new images give a look at Chadwick Boseman taking part in one of his first costume fittings for 2016's Captain America: Civil War . Boseman is shown with crew leader Jose Fernandez as Fernandez fits Boseman in an early version of the Black Panther costume, and Boseman is all smiles as he is adorned with the panther helmet.

The post includes the heartfelt caption "It's still hard to believe he's gone. The time we spent with him was brief but impactful. He was an amazing human being."

The full post on Instagam can be seen below:

Chadwick Boseman was cast as the MCU's Black Panther in 2014, with the announcement at the curtain call of October 2014's El Capitan event revealing the initial plans for Phase 3 . 2016's Captain America: Civil War became his debut outing as the Wakandan warrior, and he became an instant hit even amongst some of the MCU's most well-known and established heroes at the time.

This look back at Boseman's costume fitting is such an amazing memory not only for the sheer magnitude of the moment, but especially now knowing that he had already started his battle with colon cancer before his MCU career began. The franchise's first African American leading man would make three more appearances through the Infinity Saga, including the starring role in the critically acclaimed Black Panther solo movie. It's clear that Boseman made a profound impact on all of his coworkers with his work ethic and positive outlook on life.

Social media tributes to Chadwick Boseman's memory continue to arrive nearly daily, and his work in the MCU will live on for generations to come. His final performance as T'Challa is rumored to come in 2021's What If...? on Disney+, and Black Panther 2 will begin filming in July 2021 .

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