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Loki: Season 2 of Tom Hiddleston Series In the Works at Marvel Studios

Loki Logo, Tom Hiddleston
By Pierre Chanliau

When it was first announced that Marvel Studios would be producing multiple shows for Disney+, many assumed that they would be mini-series and not ongoing shows with multiple seasons like The Mandalorian . The first reports of this not being the case, at least for some shows, was when entertainment insider Charles Murphy reported that “there was definitely at one point a plan for a second season” of The Falcon and the Winter Soldier.

Charles Murphy also reported a year ago with “100% certainty” that a second season of Loki would happen and that it was in development. A new report corroborates with this report and that Loki writer Michael Waldron will continue to be involved.


In a recent report from Deadline about Michael Waldron working on Kevin Feige's Star Wars movie, the outlet mentioned that Waldron would be involved in a second season of Marvel Studios' Loki Disney+ series “in some capacity.”


At this point, it seems pretty certain that many of these shows will have multiple seasons, whether they decided to change the name of the show entirely as Charles Murphy theorized they'd do for The Falcon and the Winter Soldier or continue with seasonal spanning storylines that would interconnect with the movies like Loki . It seems like the God of Mischief's own struggle with identity might not be wrapped up in a single season. It could even mean simple Easter eggs could turn into something more in future seasons of the show.

If Loki is going to be receiving multiple seasons, it's entirely likely for Ms. Marvel and She-Hulk to be seasonal shows too. Considering one of them is a teenage dramedy and the other a literal half-hour courtroom comedy, both are perfectly fit to have multiple seasons and not limited to being a mini-series like WandaVision . It really opens so many doors for Marvel Studios and helps expand characters beyond the confines of a mini-series or movies.

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