Owen Wilson's Loki Season 2 Jet Ski Twist Gets Spoiled In Video

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An official Loki Season 2 featurette confirmed an exciting jet ski moment for Owen Wilson's Mobius

Loki Season 1 revealed that Mobius has a love for jet skis when Tom Hiddleston's God of Mischief found a copy of a magazine about personal watercraft on his desk. 

Some theorized that Mobius' past life involved recreational vehicles, thus explaining why he has an interest in them. 

In July 2021, Loki director Kate Herron pointed out that "whoever directs (Loki next" will have to find a way to "get (Mobius) on his jet ski" in Season 2

Owen Wilson's Loki Season 2 Jet Ski Twist Gets Spoiled

An official featurette for Loki Season 2 posted in Early October spoiled the twist that Mobius works at a jet ski Powersports store at some point in the Disney+ series. 

At the 0:34 second mark of the promo, Owen Wilson's TVA Agent can be seen wearing a Powersports uniform instead of his usual TVA attire.

Owen Wilson as Mobius
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Fast forward to the 1:02 mark of the video, a full look at Wilson's Mobius riding a jet ski was shown.

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Interestingly, a past set video from Loki Season 2 featured a nod to Mobius' affinity for jet skis, showing Tom Hiddleston's God of Mischief standing in front of an advertisement for a fictional jet ski company. 

Watch the full featurette below:

Will Mobius Return to His Past Life in Loki? (Theory)

Based on the video, it seems that Owen Wilson's Mobius is indeed happy that he is riding on his jet ski, proving that his past life involved the notable watercraft. 

However, it remains to be seen when this scene takes place.

It's possible that this could be a flashback in a future episode that recaps some of the past lives of the TVA agents including Mobius. 

It's also likely that, at some point in Season 2's future episodes, Mobius will finally get to go home in his jet ski-infused lifestyle, with him taking a break from his TVA-related duties. 

There's a strong chance that Mobius will not be retiring from the TVA just yet, considering his potential future role in Deadpool 3

This latest evidence that Wilson's Loki character will eventually ride the famous jet ski suggests that taking a break from the stress brought about by the TVA is an ideal (yet temporary) ending for the character in Season 2 before eventually wearing the coat and tie again in a future adventure. 

The first two episodes of Loki Season 2 are streaming on Disney+.

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