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Loki has easily the most successful series that Marvel Studios has put out yet. A record number of people tuned in to see what happened to the Variant of Tom Hiddleston that was briefly seen in Avengers: Endgame. Little did most fans know that the journey would involve a proper introduction to the Multiverse, the bureaucratic TVA, and the next big bad: Jonathan Majors' Kang the Conqueror.

Another unique aspect of that show was that it was the first, and still the only, live-action streaming series from Marvel Studios to get a proper second season. That continuation has only just now started up production, so, sadly, more Loki is still a good bit down the line, with the release set for summer 2023.

So far, the only notable information audiences have about the hit season of the hit Disney+ show, aside from the whole cast returning, is that something significant will occur at a McDonald's chain in the '70s—where a Variant of Sylvie seems to be involved.

While it will likely be a long while before more official information reaches fans, a new video from the set has landed on Twitter that gives another tantalizing tease at what to expect next year.

Tom Hiddleston's Loki Goes Wild

Loki Season 2

A new set video of Tom Hiddleston filming Loki Season 2 has found its way online, and it shows the titular character going a little crazy—or that's at least what it looks like without any context.

The video shows the God of Mischief outside what could be a car dealership—or maybe something to do with a Jet Ski? From the looks of it, it seems that the actor is stepping out of an imaginary portal/TVA door and then potentially firing a projectile ahead of him, flailing about in the process. There's no clear indication of what he's firing at, whether that be the inflatable tube man or something else entirely.

The clip can be seen in the Tweet from Twitter user @techsavvymars below.

What's Loki Up to in Season 2?

Given how wacky the first season of the series was, it should go without saying that there's no real way to guess anything happening in the clip above with any notable accuracy. The exception is that it seems hard to refute the involvement of a portal or TVA door at the beginning of Hiddleston's actions.

While no one knows what the God of Mischief will be up against in this second season, a good guess would lie with the return of Kang the Conqueror. It would be a bit odd to have teased the villain's big threat in the previous finale and simply leave it up to every other MCU project to explore his impending threat.

After all, there's still Ravonna Renslayer on the run, aka Kang's big love interest in the comics. It's likely she'll have located him between the events of Season 1 and 2, and their dynamic could play into whatever will happen next.

With that Sylvie Variant being spotted at McDonalds in the 70s, odds are that finding the original version of her, who Loki grew really close with, will play a key part in at least a portion of the sophomore outing. There's already a set photo showing Sophia Di Martino in her proper outfit, so that's at least some solid indication that they'll find her at some point.

Loki is currently set to debut on Disney+ at some point in the summer of 2023.

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