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Loki Director Reveals Chris Hemsworth Almost Had Bigger Role In Season 1

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By Russ Milheim

Loki finished up its first season, and it did so in a majestic fashion. Not only did the show introduce audiences to their first Variant of Kang the Conqueror, but the finale showed the world the birth of the MCU's multiverse—a visualization of everything to come over the next many years.

With the show having also ended on a cliffhanger for Loki and everyone at the TVA, fans were happy to hear that the show was renewed for a second season. After all, Loki did extremely well for the streaming service, and its concept is certainly friendly to continuous seasons.

With all the time-travel and different timeline storytelling going on, the show was ripe for Marvel Comics Easter eggs. This is something that fans adored, and there was always something new, no more than when Loki was pruned to Limbo.

A citadel, guarded by the angry cloud of Alioth, lied beyond the boundaries of Limbo. There, the Kang Variant controlled all aspects of time, including matters he wiped out such as leftovers of an entire scene with Chris Hemsworth.


Chris Hemsworth Loki

In a discussion with Syfy Wire, Loki director Kate Herron discussed the process of putting Easter eggs into the show. Of course, the biggest sample of these was from Loki's fifth episode. Herron was quick to point out the Thanos Copter, something fans absolutely loved.

Herron was quick to say that it was "a perfect place for it to be," especially since "the Void is where things go that shouldn't be:"

"So the copter came in… we were designing, we had illustrations, and I think we were all talking about things that could be fun to put in the Void. And my executive producer from Marvel, Kevin Wright, he was like, 'Oh, we've got to put the copter in. We've got to do it.' Because it's a perfect place for it to be, right? Because the Void is where things go that shouldn't be, so that's how that got in there."

Another fun reference was to none other than the Frog of Thunder, something that shocking was "originally... in Episode 1." But according to Herron, "tonally it just wasn't feeling quite right for what [they] should be doing in that moment:"

"And then in terms of Frog of Thunder, we had a scene that originally was in Episode 1, and it just wasn't quite… the scene was very funny as a standalone scene, but it happened basically right before Loki saw his mother dying, and tonally it just wasn't feeling quite right for what we should be doing in that moment. And so we didn't end up using that bit."

Loki Throg

Of course, knowing that she had already recorded Chris for that longer scene in Episode 1, it became clear that Herron had "to put him in episode five in that moment" where at least the team wouldn't have wasted all of what they recorded with Chris:

"I had the shot design in Episode 5 where I knew I wanted to go through the dirt, down into the lair, and I think in my head I was always kind of like, 'OK, insert Easter egg, and we'll find one that works for it.' And I think we were kind of circling a few things, but then when, obviously when I knew that frog wasn't going to be in Episode 1, I was like, 'Oh, well we have to put him in episode five in that moment, because then at least we can get him in there.' I'd recorded Chris for that scene in Episode 1, so…"


Chris Hemsworth's cut scene was the one that Loki composer Natalie Holt talked to The Direct about. It was set to occur in the show's first episode when Loki is being shown his life story in the show's first episode. Sadly, the light-heartedness of the scene threw off the overall tone that was needed—as Loki needed to be broken down, with the audience being right there with him and not laughing about a Hemsworthified Frog.

Hopefully, Marvel sees fit to bring the idea back in the future. After all, with the show's second season greenlit, it seems to have the perfect opportunity to do so. With the multiverse branching so wildly, Tom Hiddleston's Loki is bound to see even stranger things in his future.

Tom Hiddleston is set to reprise his role as Loki once again in the upcoming film Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness. After that, the next time fans see the character will likely be in his second season, which is rumored to start shooting in January 2022. More adventures for the God of Mischief can't come soon enough.

Loki is now streaming exclusively on Disney+.

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