Joker 2 Cast: DC Announces 12 Main Actors In Sequel

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Joker 2, Lady Gaga

Warner Bros. revealed the confirmed cast list for Joker: Folie á Deux starring Joaquin Phoenix and Lady Gaga

Set to release on October 4, 2024, the sequel to Todd Phillips' 2019 thriller not only continues the story of Phoenix's Arthur Fleck but introduces Lady Gaga as the DC Elseworlds version of Harley Quinn

But since Joker 2 is expected to be a musical set within the walls of Arkham Asylum, Lady Gaga isn't the only new addition to the cast. 

Joker 2's Confirmed 12 Cast Members

Warner Bros. & DC have published a new press release confirming 12 of the main cast members in Joker: Folie á Deux...

Joaquin Phoenix - Arthur Fleck/Joker

Joaquin Phoenix as Joker
Warner Bros.

After winning the Academy Award for his portrayal of Arthur Fleck/Joker, Joaquin Phoenix is back. 

But this time around, he is in a musical, singing and dancing are expected, and unlike 2019's Joker, Joker 2 is reportedly told from Harley Quinn's perspective, not just his. 

Lady Gaga - Harley Quinn

Lady Gaga as Joker 2's Harley Quinn
Warner Bros.

As the second actress to ever play live-action Harley Quinn, DCU fans are understandably curious about Lady Gaga's interpretation of this comic book character and the full scope of her role. 

While fans have already seen sneak peeks of the Grammy Award-winning artist singing in the sequel and her Harley Quinn on the iconic stairs from the original Joker, much of her portrayal and the film itself remains a mystery.

Zazie Beetz - Sophie Dumond

Zazie Beetz in Joker
Warner Bros.

Reprising her role as Arthur Fleck's love interest, Sophie Drummond, from the 2019 movie, Zazie Beetz is confirmed to return for Folie á Deux

However, since her fate was never fully addressed, it will be interesting to see how the sequel brings her back and how her character is handled amidst Joker 2's new genre and location. 

Jacob Lofland - Arkham Asylum Inmate

Actor Jacob Lofland
Jacob Lofland

Known for his previous roles in The Maze Runner films, Mud, and FX's Justified, Jacob Lofland joined the film in September 2022. 

While he's confirmed to be an inmate in Arkham Asylum, the question fans are asking if he's an original character or, like Joker and Harley Quinn, a familiar comic book villain.

Brendan Gleeson

Actor Brendan Gleeson
Brendan Gleeson

Another new member of the cast is Academy Award-nominated actor Brendan Gleeson who recently starred in the Banshees of Inisherin

Gleeson joined Joker 2's cast in 2022 but in an unknown role that's still a mystery even now. However, there has been speculation that he could be playing a warden or security guard. 

Catherine Keener

Actress Catherine Keener
Catherine Keener

The fifth actor to join Todd Phillips' Joker sequel was Get Out's Catherine Keener. 

While her casting was also made public in 2022, Warner Bros. has yet to reveal her role and any further details about her character. 

Steve Coogan

Actor Steeve Coogan
Steeve Coogan

A new casting confirmation for the October film is Steve Coogan who's best known for his role in Philomena and Alan Partridge.

What's particularly interesting about this casting is that Cooagan is also a writer, voice actor, and comedian. 

Harry Lawtey

Actor Harry Lawtey
Harry Lawtey

First announced to be joining Joker 2 in October 2022, The Pale Blue Eyes and Industry's Harry Lawtey reportedly has a noteworthy role in the sequel. 

But again, like the majority of his 12 fellow DC stars, the studio provided no details and his character is currently unknown. 

Leigh Gill

Actor Leigh Gill
Leigh Gill

Another returning star from 2019's Joker is Leigh Gill who played Gary, one of Arthur Fleck's coworkers. 

Gill's additional credits range from Game of Thrones to Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them

Ken Leung

Acotr Ken Leung
Ken Leung

Known for Lost, Old, and Star Wars: The Force Awakens, Ken Leung is confirmed to be joining Folie á Deux in a mysterious role. 

Bill Smitrovich

Actor Bill Smitrovich
Bill Smitrovich

Despite being another recently confirmed addition to Joker's 12-member cast, fans do know that actor Bill Smitrovich, who starred in Ted and The November Man, will be playing the character of Judge Herman Rothwax.

Sharon Washington

Sharon Washington
Sharon Washington

Washington's social worker from the original Joker is also back in Folie á Deux. But at the moment, there's no news on whether to expect more or less from her character this time around. 

In addition to the 2019 film, Sharon Washington's credits range from Die Hard with a Vengeance to Michael Clayton to Hustling

Can Joker 2 Top Joker's Success?

Joker: Folie á Deux has a lot to live up to later this year. 

In addition to being the only live-action DC film for 2024, the original Joker was an awards darling with the record of being the highest-grossing R-rated film to date. 

Whether Todd Phillips and the Joker 2 team can replicate that first film's success while changing the format to a musical thriller and expanding the cast is an experiment the film industry will be watching. 

Joker: Folie á Deux arrives in theaters on Friday, October 4. 

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