The Flash Movie: New Set Photo Reveals Key Barry Allen Location

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The Flash is one of DC Comics' biggest characters, one which has enjoyed seven seasons of television on The CW. While Barry Allen has had lots of time on the silver screen, he's never actually gotten his own film.

2017's Justice League was the character's first live-action debut on the big screen, a movie which, as many know, didn't do well. Still, the world's fastest man was still in the running to get his own solo outing. After years upon years of being in development, The Flash finally became a real thing—so real that it even went into production.

Lots of interesting tidbits have come out of the woodwork as the project has made its way through filming. Fans got their first look at Sasha Calle's Supergirl, Michael Keaton as Bruce Wayne, and even alternate versions of Barry Allen himself.

Now, fans have a glimpse at where exactly Ezra Miller's Scarlet Speedster might be frequenting in his solo film.


Barry Allen Flash

Thanks to Twitter user @waynedidit, a first look at a new location in the upcoming The Flash film has been unveiled.

The location in question is the Central City Research Center that has seemingly taken over the Senate House building at the University of London.

The posting account seems to believe that this is going to be Barry Allen's place of work, but it is unclear if that's the case. In the comics, Allen's known for working as a forensic chemist and uses those talents to help investigate crime scenes.

The photo can be seen in the Tweet below:



Many fans are well aware of Barry Allen's work life as it's been a focus dozens of times in his long-lasting television show on The CW. If this set is indeed Allen's place of work, then it seems like his career may be slightly different here.

There's no sign that The Flash will be working with the police like he usually does—after all, the building only says it's a research center.

This would mark a slight deviation for the character; this change wouldn't be bad, per se, as it's within the same wheelhouse as his normal career. Barry seems like he will have a lot to deal with in The Flash, so it's likely audiences won't be seeing him spend much time there anyway.

After all, Ezra Miller has to juggle multiple Batmen this time around. On top of Ben Affleck's returning Dark Knight, Michael Keaton will be returning as Batman, marking the first time in nearly thirty years that the actor will be putting on the classic suit.

Hopefully, all of those many delays won't be indicative of the film's quality. It's something fans will have to wait for until the film releases on November 4, 2022.

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