Batman's Wayne Manor Surrounded In Smoke In New The Flash Movie Set Photos

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Batman Flash Wayne Manor

The DCEU is getting back to its busy production season with five new movies set to expand on the franchise within the next two years. Included in this bunch is 2022's The Flash, which finally has cameras rolling after being initially meant to release three full years ago.

Ezra Miller will make his third canon appearance as the fastest man on Earth, starring in his first solo movie after making a cameo in Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice and starring in Justice League; he also played a key role in 2021's Zack Snyder's Justice League on HBO Max.

Thanks to this film diving into DC's multiverse, Miller will have some powerful backup in the form of two different Batmen. Ben Affleck's DCEU Caped Crusader will play a role in the movie, although to what degree is unknown, while Michael Keaton's 1989 Bruce Wayne will make his debut in the DCEU after leaving the cape and cowl nearly 30 years ago.

Early set photos from the movie showed off Keaton's Wayne Manor as well, which are the center of attention in the latest round of social media posts.


Batman Michael Keaton Flash
Warner Bros.

Peterborough Today revealed a new look at Michael Keaton's Wayne Manor from Warner Bros.' The Flash, which is set at the Burghley House in the UK.

The photos show clouds of smoke surrounding the house, which was created by smoke machines placed around the premises. The purpose of this smoke is unclear; it could be used to represent a heavy fog on the lawn or could be an indication of an action sequence at the estate.

Other images show off the castle-like building in better light, including a large well prop in the last photo as well as floodlights inside.



It's still unclear exactly how large of a role Michael Keaton's Batman will play in The Flash, especially since this will be his first movie in the DCEU. However, with how much early filming is taking place at the set for Wayne Manor, it seems likely that Barry Allen will spend some time here alongside this older and more experienced Dark Knight.

While it will likely be some time before any plot details are revealed about this film, fans will keep a close eye on locations like this for any further details. Keaton's return alone is building considerable hype for the solo movie's debut, especially considering this may not be the only time he and Wayne Manor take the spotlight in the franchise going forward.

The Flash is currently filming and will release in theaters on November 4, 2022.

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