Benny Stein


Benny is a writer for The Direct, having just joined the team in November of 2020. He is also a student at Wesleyan University, working towards a Bachelor of Arts in Film Studies. Passionate about all things film and media related, Benny hopes to consider both (as well as other related subjects) through his work at The Direct.

Favorite Video Game:

Life is Strange was an electrifying experience for me, featuring a wacky, genre-bending story, subdued, affecting characters, beautiful, minimalist visuals, and dynamic, adventure-style gameplay. Throw in the killer soundtrack and an easy platinum and it’s a perfect package!

Favorite Video Game Memory:

Playing through and beating the P.T. demo with friends is one of my most memorable moments with games. Focused solely on finding our way through the labyrinthine hallways of the game’s setting, we were totally caught off guard by the few jump scares the game has.

Why I joined The Direct

In pursuing a career in film, I am looking to gain any experience working on/writing about anything in that general area. To me, joining The Direct seemed like a perfect fit, combining my extensive, if impractical base of knowledge with an opportunity to write in a professional setting.

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