WandaVision Director Plays Coy About Monica's Aerospace Engineer Mystery

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With WandaVision rocketing towards the finale of its nine-episode run, the fan community is ablaze with excitement and anticipation. The ninth episode seems set to deliver a spectacular climax, something actors on the show have been hinting at for a while .

Leaks have also suggested that this final episode will be the longest of the season , leaving room for the thrills, reveals, and quiet moments that have come to define the show.

Even as the series wraps up, the story of WandaVision will continue into other MCU projects . The possibility of a second season has also been teased by the President of Marvel Studios Kevin Feige.

Other characters, like Monica Rambeau, have a more certain future in the MCU, especially as those involved with the series notice actress Teyonah Parris's clear talent.


Speaking with Fandom , WandaVision director Matt Shakman touched on the character of Monica Rambeau. Shakman had nothing but praise for actress Teyonah Parris, calling her performance "beautiful" and commending her for her work in the scene where she reenters the hex:

"She gave it her all wearing 40 different pieces of clothing and having to do it all again and again and again."

When pressed about the mystery aerospace engineer Monica has referenced throughout the series, Shakman played coy, only noting that he "wouldn’t want to say." Fans expected this character to show up in the seventh episode, “Breaking the Fourth Wall", but were only met with an appearance by the seemingly ordinary Major Goodner.


Hearing Shakman's praise for Parris can only mean good things for the character of Monica Rambeau. Monica had already been announced to return to Captain Marvel 2 , but the positive response from fans and creatives within Marvel alike may lead to a more prominent role in the film.

Shakman's hint towards a possible appearance of this aerospace engineer is also intriguing. Fans were left disappointed after the lead-up to this character only resulted in an unknown Army Major, so it is certainly possible that this mystery figure could materialize in the finale. However, it is also important to keep in mind that the show has quite a few plot threads to tie up in its final episode, so it may not have time to make good on this one tease.

Other comments from those involved with WandaVision have also led fans to some possibly erroneous conclusions. Paul Bettany's comments about a surprise cameo in the show caused a great deal of excitement, but many are now considering the possibility that the actor was simply joking, referring to the two Vision characters he is playing.

Any fans hoping to resolve these numerous mysteries will have to tune in on March 5, 2021, when the finale drops on Disney+.

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