Loki Actress Sophia Di Martino Speaks on Casting & Tom Hiddleston Co-Star

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Loki Sophia Di Martino Lady Loki Enchantress

Warning: This article contains major spoilers for Loki Episode 2.

In the final minutes of the second episode of Loki, fans were shown the Variant behind the attacks on the TVA. However, instead of appearing as another version of Tom Hiddleston's familiar trickster, this Loki was revealed to be Sophia Di Martino's character.

While the show presents Di Martino as simply a Variant of the Loki fans know and love, certain pieces of evidence point towards the character being some sort of amalgam of the Lady Loki from the comics and the Enchantress. The series has also dipped into a whole host of other comic book nods, including references to the Revengers, Thanos's homeworld of Titan, and A.I.M

Whoever this character may end up being, Di Martino herself has shared some interesting thoughts on her role in the series...


Lady Loki Sophia Di Martino Enchantress

Talking to Digital Spy about her role in the mind-bending series, Sophia Di Martino shared her reaction to the news of her casting, explaining that she "was nine months pregnant when they told me they had the job, so I was kind of like 'Are you sure?'"

Di Martino also praised co-star Tom Hiddleston's support throughout the process, noting that he provided "lots of advice and he just really looked after me, so thanks. He made sure I didn’t trip over anything and made sure I had someone to sit next to at lunchtime." 

She also had a kind word to say about Hiddleston's knowledge of the character, explaining that, "If you want to know anything about Loki he’s the guy."


Though Di Martino's comments don't answer the flurry of fan questions surrounding her character, they do provide an interesting perspective on the series. Her excitement at being cast is endearing and understandable, especially considering the prominence of the franchise.

It's also nice to hear about the collaborative work culture behind the scenes of the show. Hiddleston's enthusiasm for the Loki character has been well documented, especially through teases from his co-stars, but it's interesting to hear how it has helped to orient those working on the series. 

While Di Martino hasn't been given much of a chance to make an impression yet, fans excited to see more of her Lady Loki should tune in on June 23, 2021, when the third episode of Loki releases on Disney+.

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