Loki Easter Egg Reveals Thanos' Homeworld From Avengers: Infinity War

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Loki Thanos Easter Egg

The Marvel Cinematic Universe largely operates in the present day, but that doesn't mean Marvel Studios President Kevin Feige and company won't tease viewers about the MCU's vague past.

A lot happened between the big bang's scattering of six elemental crystals across the virgin universe and a scrawny boy scout enlisting in the military. Odin has made reference to great battles between the Asgardians and Frost Giants, Agatha Harkness gave glimpse into Marvel's take on the Salem witch trials, and Thanos alluded to a prosperous version of his home world before it crumbled from over-population.

Thanos may have called Titan "a paradise," but if new revelations from Loki are to be believed, it may have been the battlefield for one of the MCU's most infamous (and mysterious) wars.


Let me guess, your home?

As revealed by Twitter user @UpToTASK, Thanos's home planet of Titan resembles key features of the Nexus event's battlefield in Miss Minutes' explainer video during the premiere episode of Loki.

Marvel Studios

The clip in question shows two armies charging at each other with the left side donning the recognizable blue skin and green armor of the Kree.

Marvel Studios

Twitter user @dana_cosmic pointed out that the right side looks similar to Chitauri elite soldier concept art designs from both Avengers: Infinity War and Avengers: Endgame.

Marvel Studios


While it's hard to decipher parallels between an animated and live-action world, the cartoon clip does showcase a familiar star-shaped structure deep in the background. From the tall spikes to the clear and circular center, this object looks almost exactly like the structures seen in Thanos' Reality Stone'd vision of Titan.

This teased Nexus event will likely be explored at some point in live-action flashback form, and what better way to familiarize fans with an unknown event than by setting it on one of the MCU's most recognizable planets? 

If the parallel is to be believed, this would completely reshape fans' understanding of Titan. Thanos' description of his home as a paradise would come with a fat asterisk, as knowledge of it being the arena for a massive blood feud between two vengeful armies would be a game-changer.

As for who those two vengeful armies could be...


If these design similarities hold truth, Loki could be even more consequential than Kevin Feige teased.

2014's Guardians of the Galaxy introduced fans to the space side of the MCU, completely reshaping viewers' understanding of this universe's history. Ronin the Accuser doubled down on that concept numerous times, alluding to "a thousand years of war" between his people, the Kree, and the Nova Empire.

The left side army is clearly the aforementioned Kree, as their complexion and attire match the live-action appearance of the militaristic race. The right side doesn't have traditional Nova appearances, but who's to say the Nova Empire's army has to be their own?

As pointed out by @dana_cosmic, the right side resembles a concept art version of the Chitauri. Knowing that the Chitauri operates under a hive mind intelligence, maybe they didn't serve the Nova Empire centuries before fighting the battle of New York for Loki.

As Rocket Raccoon put it, they are "the suckiest army in the galaxy," which would explain why their allegiance with the Nova Empire has not been documented before. Perhaps they were brought in for a one-off battle, failed miserably, and never fought for the Nova Empire again.

More teases about this uprising could come every Wednesday when new episodes of Loki stream on Disney+.

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