Marvel's Eternals Receives Production Update From Editor

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Though little is truly known about Marvel's upcoming Eternals , the film looks to be an exciting departure from the rest of the MCU. Though the film's director, Chloe Zhao, says the project was a "big risk," it seems to have paid off, as sources have reported that Marvel is close to disbelief about the quality of the film.

More specific praise has also been heaped onto the project. Kevin Feige, President of Marvel Studios, called the pitch for the film the best he'd heard. Actor Barry Keoghan also received compliments from co-star Barry Tyree Henry, who called his acting "a masterclass."

Apart from internal conversations about Eternals , a few other details have been revealed. The official plot synopsis released way back in early 2020, details a conflict between aliens living in secret on Earth (the titular Eternals) and their evil counterparts, the Deviants. Merchandise from the MCU movie provides the best look yet at both the heroes and villains of the film, though fans are still waiting for any official photos or videos from the production.


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A recent interview between Sundance Collab and Dylan Tichenor, the film's editor, reveals that Eternals is still in the editing stages. Tichenor also spoke to director Chloe Zhao's part in the editing process, describing her approach as yielding the "best result."

"I am [working] right now [with] Chloe [Zhao]. Chloe edits her movies and she has strong opinions. But she also wants to know everything I'm thinking, and frankly, we did the whole first cut without much input from her in terms of takes or this or that. And she just watched it. And the things that she wants to tweak, we tweak. But by and large, she has really relied on our experience and our point of view. That's why we're hired, you know, for our creativity and our experience. And sense of humor. But I think that makes the best result."


From Tichenor's account, it seems like Zhao's decisive, yet slightly hands-off approach to the editing process is working out well. Zhao's choice is likely a strong one, as the filmmaker's previous effort, Nomadland , received four Oscar nominations , one specifically for Best Editing.

Tichenor is also an interesting choice for the project, having previously worked on such films as Zero Dark Thirty , There Will Be Blood , and Brokeback Mountain . Like Zhao, this is his first collaboration with Marvel, seemingly indicating that the studio is prioritizing capable and gifted artistic voices on this project.

Hopefully, with an initial edit completed, the film is nearing the point where official stills or teasers are released. With Marvel Studios' Eternals currently set to release on November 5 of this year, it seems likely that some sort of better look at the film will be released soon, especially as the studio appears so confident in its quality.

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