Spider-Man 3 Set Photo Teases CGI Suit and Swinging Action

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Although Spider-Man: No Way Home is shaping up to be an exciting addition to the MCU, very little has been officially confirmed about the film. Even the movie's name was shrouded in secrecy for quite some time, having been revealed only recently .

This hasn't stopped reports and teases about the film from slipping out, however. Rumors, casting notices , set photos , and even comments from the film's star , Tom Holland, all point towards an exciting and ambitious third entry in the Spider-Man franchise.

As the movie continues shooting, even more set photos have leaked, giving fans a better look at the production.


A new picture from the set of Spider-Man: No Way Home, posted by @atlanta_filming on Instagram , shows a stunt double (believed to be Tom Holland's) suspended from wires. From the pose of the double, as well as the location, it appears this shot is of Spider-Man swinging through a city.


As seen in the photo, this stunt double is sporting a motion-capture suit. This may indicate that Tom Holland's Spider-Man will once again don the Iron Spider outfit in the threequel, as both of his more standard costumes exist as physical suits.

There is also a possibility that the hero will get a new costume in this film as the other two have played fast and loose with his traditional threads, introducing a slew of new looks.

The photo also shows off what looks to be some sort of swinging sequence. This is no surprise, as swinging around is one of Spider-Man's signature abilities. These swinging sequences have become something of a staple in past Spider-Man films, so it will be exciting to see what this entry does to top its predecessors.

Fans can see the hero web his way across the big screen when Spider-Man: No Way Home releases in theaters on December 17, 2021.

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