Wonder Woman 1984 Runtime: Sequel Reportedly Longer Than First Movie

Gal Gadot as Wonder Woman, Gal Gadot as Wonder Woman from WW84
By Tom Drew

Wonder Woman 1984 's release is fast approaching, with the film currently still on track to premiere on October 2, 2020.

Because of this, incoming information about the film has not stopped. Director Patty Jenkins revealed that Cheetah was almost introduced in the first film , in addition to teasing plans for a spin-off and third film.

The biggest source of new details came from the DC FanDome event where a new trailer debuted , bringing new footage and a first look at Cheetah in WW84 . A Hot Toys Collectible provided an even better look at the character, showing her off in much brighter lighting. Despite reaffirming that the film would be maintaining a theatrical release, the end of the trailer did noticeably lack a release date.

New details have surfaced, revealing how much more of Wonder Woman fans will be seeing in her next outing...


Found by Reddit user u/hs0505 , Wonder Woman 1984 will reportedly have a runtime of 150 minutes according to the Korea Media Rating Board. The film is also rated 12+ in South Korea, pointing to the likelihood that WW84 will have a PG-13 rating overseas:

Wonder Woman 1984 's Korea Media Rating Board


The length of Wonder Woman 1984 will rival almost all of the other DC films' runtime, coming out third overall in the DCEU, if you include the upcoming Zack Snyder's Justice League . While it won't be able to match the Snyder Cut's gargantuan 4 hour blowout, Wonder Woman 1984 will seemingly bring more footage to the table than the first film, which had a running time of 141 minutes.

The trailers seem to spell out a lot of the film's general plot points, particularly those related to Cheetah and Diana and the breakdown of their friendship. Despite this, it seems there may be a lot more going on than what was previously thought, indicating that WW84 will go into a lot of depth in this second adventure.

There are some scenes which depict sequences that do not seem to line up with other parts of the film, such as action set-pieces in the desert and in a 1980s mall. There is also, of course, the presence of Maxwell Lord, who's role has yet to be fully revealed. Wonder Woman 1984 should have a lot to explore in its runtime, weaving in between these elements and presumably much more that has yet to be shown off.

Fans will be able to enjoy all 150 minutes of new Wonder Woman content when WW84 releases on October 2, 2020.