Thor 5: When Could It Fit Into MCU Phase 6-7?

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Thor 5 Release Date

Marvel Studios' future theatrical state continues to fill up after Phases 5 and 6 were announced at San Diego Comic-Con 2022. 

Two months later, Deadpool 3 has officially been announced and placed in the recently shifted September 6, 2024 release date. Ryan Reynolds will be joined by a surprising co-star, as Hugh Jackman is now set to reprise his role as Wolverine.

Something missing from any future plans was another installment in the Thor franchise. Chris Hemsworth is open to returning as the God of Thunder, and Love and Thunder director Taika Waititi is open to leading a third Thor film if the star returns.

However, the future slates are quickly filling up, and where a potential Thor 5 could be released isn't clear. A fifth Thor film may never even release, but if it does, here's when it could play on the big screen.

5 Possible Release Dates for Thor 5

Thor 5 Marvel Studios

Phase 5 is almost certainly ruled out for Hemsworth's theoretical fifth solo film, with either 12 or 13 movies in that slate depending on what happens with Deadpool 3. Phase 6 has a lot more potential for another electrifying adventure.

February 14, 2025, is an open date on Disney's calendar set to feature a Marvel release. This would place Hemsworth back in action near the beginning of Phase 6, before the ultimate battle between Avengers: Kang Dyanasty (May 2, 2025) and Secret Wars (November 7, 2025). 

Another open Marvel slot is July 25, 2025, neatly placing Thor 5 three years after its fourth flick. This would be a (potentially) more critical date in the MCU slate as it takes place between the highly anticipated Avengers films of the same year.

Moving beyond Phase 6, there are theatrical release dates planned by Disney and Marvel after 2025.

Kicking off a potential Phase 7, February 13, 2026, is slated to be the first Marvel movie released after Secret Wars. In a similar fashion to Black Widow, this could act as a long-time MCU actor/character swan song after a long, heroic journey with Thor getting an unprecedented fifth solo outing.

Giving this franchise four years of breathing room, July 24, 2026, is another summer blockbuster option. Thor: Love and Thunder performed well during a similar timeframe this year and the long-hair-don't-care hero is fitting for a summer month. 

Nine years after Thor: Ragnarok, Thor could return to the penultimate month of the year. November 6, 2026 works as another date allocated to a Marvel adventure. The hero's third outing was released in November 2017 and became the highest-grossing Thor movie at the global box office - a proven month for the God of Thunder.

When Will Thor 5 Release?

To begin, Thor 5 may never even exist. Assembling a creative team along with Hemsworth's return for yet another solo adventure may not be something Marvel Studios has any plans for.

At the end of Thor: Love and Thunder, Marvel Studios included a tag in the credits that read "Thor will return." However, that could very easily be in The Kang Dynasty, Secret Wars, or another crossover event.

Even despite that (seeming) confirmation that Hemsworth would return, the actor doesn't seem to be 100% locked in.

If a Thor 5 were announced tomorrow, the most likely time for a release would be sometime during Phase 6. Hemsworth as the God of Thunder continuing his journey into a third Marvel Studios Saga seems unlikely.

July 25, 2025, could be deemed the most appropriate looking at the full MCU schedule. A much more likely sequel, Doctor Strange 3, would probably release before a fifth Thor and could be slated for the February 2025 date.

Thor fans may be sad to discover the reality that Thor may never have his own solo film again. At least anytime soon or with Hemsworth at the helm. Sequel films for characters like Shang-Chi, Spider-Man, Doctor Strange, or the Eternals all seem more likely to release over the next couple of years.

Thor: Love and Thunder is currently streaming on Disney+.

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