Chris Hemsworth Casts Doubt on His Thor Movie Future

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After a successful run in theaters, Thor: Love and Thunder has made its way to Disney+ alongside a new Marvel Studios Assembled behind-the-scenes documentary.

Chris Hemsworth's Thor is the only Marvel hero, so far, to receive a fourth solo movie set in the MCU. Taika Waititi navigated the Asgardian to huge success in Thor: Ragnarok and was given the chance to do it again in Thor 4, with another wildly comedic take on the character.

However, the future of Marvel's heroes is never set in stone, and it remains to be seen where the character will appear next or whether a Thor 5 will be put in motion.  

Chris Hemsworth Unsure About His Thor Future

Chris Hemsworth, Marvel Studios

In the recently released Marvel Studios Assembled: The Making of Thor: Love and Thunder, Chris Hemsworth revealed how he approached the film as if it was the "last time" he would play the character:

“I have loved every single time I’ve played the character. This is ten years for most of us now, and maybe the last time I play the character. I certainly was aware of that while shooting.”

At another point in the documentary, Hemsworth can be seen telling the crew how fitting it is to "finish here in Australia" and how grateful he was to "be able to do this at all":

“This has been an incredible shoot. If this was the last one, this is incredibly fitting to finish here in Australia. It really is so, so special to be able to do this at all.”

The actor's son was also shown asking whether Thor 4 would be the last movie in the Thor franchise, to which Hemsworth joked about having to "talk to Marvel about that":

Hemsworth’s son: “Please say it’s not the last movie.”

Hemsworth: “(laughs) We’ll talk to Marvel about that, son.”

Will Thor Return?

While Hemsworth approached Thor: Love and Thunder as his last time wielding the hammer (or axe), it seems Marvel Studios has had other ideas since then. 

A teaser at the end of Thor 4's credits reveals that "Thor will return". However, Waititi has addressed the fact that this tagline was a surprise to both himself and Hemsworth after the making of the movie. 

Waititi has confirmed he would return for another Thor movie on the condition that Hemsworth returns to star. The actor himself has also said that he will "come back for more and more until someone kicks me off the stage." Even Marvel Studios executive Kevin Feige has said he'd be "excited" for Hemsworth to continue to evolve as Thor.

The tagline "Thor will return" could refer to a number of opportunities for the character. Hemsworth has starred in multiple MCU films outside of his own solo projects over the years, and with two more Avengers films on the way, it's possible another crossover is what Marvel Studios has in mind for Thor Odinson.

Actors are no strangers to the secretive nature of Marvel Studios at this point. Elizabeth Olsen has previously addressed that it's usually a surprise when they find out their characters are coming back, and the same can be said for Hemsworth's Thor. 

Thor: Love and Thunder is now available to stream on Disney+.

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