The Flash Movie Reveals Ben Affleck's New Batman Suit In Merch (Photos)

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Ben Affleck, Batman, The Flash

Before Ben Affleck makes one of his final appearances as Batman in The Flash, a new piece of merchandise showed off what his next suit will look like.

Affleck's involvement in this summer's Multiversal blockbuster has been a hot topic for fans, particularly with at least two new Caped Crusader stories taking the spotlight in the DCU's Chapter 1: Gods and Monsters slate as well as DC Elseworlds.

Thus far, it's been revealed that his Bruce Wayne will help to fund Barry Allen's exploits in the upcoming movie, and it's expected that he'll play a smaller role overall thanks to so much happening with the Multiverse-based plot.

Affleck's Caped Crusader has also been shown off in recent trailers for the movie, teasing that he has plenty of action and fight left in him before other Dark Knights are pushed toward prominence.

New Batman Costume Comes in The Flash Merch

Entertainment Earth released a new piece of merchandise highlighting Ben Affleck's Batman from The Flash, showing off the suit he'll wear in the new movie.

The seven-inch scale figurine comes from McFarlane Toys, arriving as part of the company's DC Multiverse line.

Batman, Ben Affleck
Entertainment Earth

Affleck's more filled-out bat logo shines on his chest with his cape and cowl featured prominently as he stands ready for battle as the metals used on this material shine through in the light.

Batman, Ben Affleck
Entertainment Earth

Along with the figurine comes his classic motorcycle, which can be posed with the Dark Knight for some cool imagery.

The Direct Image

This figurine highlights the new suit that Batman will wear in The Flash, which was put in the spotlight during the trailer for the movie that premiered during Super Bowl LVII.

Batman, The Flash
Warner Bros.

This suit comes as an upgrade from the one seen in the rest of his DCU outings, which boasted a much lighter color for the Bat symbol on his chest.

The Direct Image

Pre-order the new Batman figurine here.

Ben Affleck's Role as Batman in The Flash

This suit gives Ben Affleck one more exciting look as the Caped Crusader, one which features much more gear and extra weaponry on his person than past iterations of this outfit.

It also comes with a lighter color than the Dark Knight's usual shade of pure black, although most will look forward more to how it functions rather than how it looks.

Although Affleck's role in the movie will likely be smaller than many of the other leading heroes, he'll help establish Barry Allen's place in his own world before things get really crazy for the Scarlet Speedster.

He also won't be the only Batman in this story thanks to Michael Keaton's 1989 Batman starring in his first DC adventure in more than three decades.

And with the story bringing Keaton's hero into play for what appears to be one final run as the Caped Crusader, Affleck's Batman should only add to the excitement when he's on screen.

The Flash will debut in theaters on June 16.

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