The Flash Movie: New Look at Ben Affleck Batman Action Scene Revealed

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Ben Affleck, Batman, The Flash

Ben Affleck is set for his final outing as Batman in this year's The Flash, including some epic action sequences that have been teased in the DCU movie's marketing campaign.

Affleck is one of two confirmed actors to take the spotlight in this summer's Multiversal DC adventure, which will also bring back Michael Keaton's Caped Crusader for the first time in nearly 30 years.

In the most recent trailer for the movie that debuted during the Super Bowl, fans got their first look at Affleck in his DC comeback, getting a hint of just how much he'll influence Barry Allen on the leading hero's journey.

Even though his role in the movie is reportedly smaller than most fans expect, this version of Batman should still get plenty of action as Ezra Miller's hero gets his long-awaited solo story.

Ben Affleck Teased for New The Flash Scene

The Flash director Andy Muschietti shared new hand-drawn storyboard sketch teasing a scene with Ben Affleck's Batman on his Instagram account.

This sketch shows Batman holding onto the back of a moving vehicle with one of his gadgets and a "cam" arrow that indicates a camera zoom-in. He then slides to his left, extends his wings, and finds his way to the top of a car with a loud "shpoonk:"

Early storyboard i sketched for THE FLASH where our batfriend goes shpoonk!

Andy Muschietti, Batman

This scene appears to have been teased in the first trailer for The Flash, with the clip only showing Affleck's Batman sliding on the road as he hangs onto a car ahead of him.

Ben Affleck, Batman

Batman Takes the Spotlight One Last Time

Seeing Ben Affleck's Batman in action will certainly bring back some great memories for fans who have stuck with the DCEU for the past decade, giving him another opportunity to shine as the Dark Knight.

While it's difficult to discern much specific information from this scene, Batman will be fighting off his own enemies in this story while also being the main benefactor for the Flash.

Affleck's Bruce Wayne will be a force to be reckoned with before Barry tackles new threats from other universes, which should be especially exciting with this being the last story with Batman in it for at least a couple of years.

The Flash will have more than its fair share of Batman-centric action thanks to Affleck and Keaton's appearances, and this scene should be just the start of the excitement fans are hoping for in this solo epic.

The Flash will debut in theaters on June 16.

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