Ben Affleck's Batman Gets Highlighted on The Flash Movie's New Poster

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The Flash, Ben Affleck, Batman

Ben Affleck's Batman is in the spotlight for a new poster teasing Ezra Miller's upcoming The Flash film.

While much of the focus seems to be on Michael Keaton's returning Caped Crusader, many fans are excited to see Affleck back under the cowl as well.

Though he won't be playing a large role in the movie, he'll be showing up for at least a little bit at the start of the story. The DCEU's Batman will even get a big action sequence, which can be glimpsed at in the trailers, alongside his brand-new costume.

Ben Affleck Takes the Spotlight for The Flash Marketing

A new Chinese poster for The Flash, as seen on Twitter, gave Ben Affleck's Batman some room to shine alongside the rest of the movie's long list of talent.

The poster features Ezra Miller's Flash surrounded by the rest of the cast members. However, unlike most of the previous marketing material, Ben Affleck does get his own corner of the new image.

The Flash, Batman

Affleck's new costume can be seen as he rides through on his Batcycle.

Ben Affleck, Batman

The second Barry Allen is also seen in his hand-me-down Michael Keaton spray-painted Batsuit.

The Flash, Ezra Miller

Michael Shannon's General Zod will be along for the ride as he returns to terrorize the new timeline that Miller's hero created.

The Flash, Zod

Ben Affleck's Last Adventure as Batman?

Despite Ben Affleck returning for the role in The Flash, the actor still looks to be done with the DC Comics franchise after this June.

Thankfully, the actor seemed to be happy with his time in the film. He also admitted that he "did finally figure out how to play [Batman]" this time around.

Affleck even declared that not only is The Flash "really good," but it's also the "best shit [he's] done as Batman." If the actor is truly done with the role, it's good he's leaving after having a "really fun and really, really satisfying [experience]."

But the real question is, will Ezra Miller be joining him in retirement after The Flash is all said and done?

The Flash hits theaters on Friday, June 16.

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