The Flash's Final Season: New Clip References the Justice League

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Grant Gustin as The Flash, Justice League

Aside from The Flash Season 9 being filled with Arrowverse Easter eggs, the show's upcoming episode will also feature a major reference to an iconic DC superhero team. 

The Flash's final season is pulling out all the stops to create a memorable swan song for the CW franchise. In addition to Javicia Leslie's incredible return as Batwoman, the Grant Gustin-led series is already confirmed to feature the comeback of Stephen Amell's Green Arrow in the latter half of the season.

Moreover, the upcoming installment is set to feature another crossover by showcasing the return of Nicole Maines' Dreamer, a notable character from Supergirl. The plethora of Arrowverse guest stars has led many to wonder if a full-blown Justice League team-up is in the cards.

The Flash's New Clip Name-Drops the Justice League

Grant Gustin as The Flash
The CW

As shared by KTLA news, The CW released a preview of The Flash Season 9 Episode 7 aka the show's Supergirl crossover. 

The 42-second clip shows Team Flash worried about Iris West-Allen and Nia Nal since the pair are unconscious and stuck in a fever dream.

Team Flash
The CW

Barry, in a visibly panicked state, is looking to find ways to help his wife and Nia, leading to him asking Chester if Team Supergirl can lend a hand. However, Chester tells Barry that Kara Danvers, Martian Manhunter, and Brainiac-5 are all "off-world."

Grant Gustin as Barry Allen, The Flash
The CW

As a last resort, Barry tells the team that he will seek the assistance of the "League, Cisco, and [John Diggle]" to help sort out Iris and Nia's situation. 

Justice League, The Flash
The CW

Barry's mention of the "League" is clearly a reference to the Arrowverse's Justice League, a team that he formed at the end of the Crisis on Infinite Earths crossover. 

The League consists of the Flash, Supergirl, Superman, Black Lightning, White Canary, Batwoman, and Martian Manhunter. Despite his death, Stephen Amell's Green Arrow is an honorary member of the team. 

Watch the clip below: 

Will the Justice League Show Up in the Flash’s Final Season?

While it would be incredible to witness a proper Justice League team-up before the Arrowverse bids goodbye, seeing the DC superhero team in full blast in The Flash's final season is unlikely due to scheduling conflicts of the actors involved. 

In fact, past set photos didn't spoil any Justice League action sequence or brief crossover for The Flash Season 9. Moreover, Tyler Hoechlin was busy filming Superman & Lois Season 3 while Melissa Benoist and Caity Lotz were essentially done as Supergirl and White Canary after their respective shows ended.

Despite that, The Flash's brief mention of the Justice League further cements why the Arrowverse's shared universe format works due to its consistent acknowledgment of past events and other connected shows. 

Hopefully, more references to the Arrowverse's Justice League's off-screen activities will be mentioned in The Flash's remaining episodes.

The Flash Season 9 Episode 7, "Only in our Dreams," is set to premiere on The CW on Wednesday, March 29.

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