The Chosen Season 4 Episode 4 Release Date & Remaining Schedule

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After The Chosen started an unprecedented release schedule for Season 4, fans await the release date for Episode 4.

The faith-based historical drama continues to make waves in its fourth season after promotional material first went public in 2024's opening weeks, with the first episodes coming in early February.

Episode 3 showed Jesus using his gifts to help more people in need while facing plenty of opposition from Jewish leaders and Roman soldiers, and fans even saw the fabled figure's angry side, leading to plenty of questions about what was coming.

The Chosen's Release Schedule for Season 4, Episode 4

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The Chosen

After The Chosen Season 4 first debuted in theaters on February 1, the show prepares for its next episode's release date.

With the first three episodes having debuted, Episode 4 will premiere in select theaters starting on Thursday, February 15 along with Episode 5 and Episode 6.

Currently, there is no public news on when the new season will arrive on TV, but it will come after Season 4's complete run in theaters.

When Will Season 4 release in theaters? The confirmed theatrical release schedule for the rest of The Chosen Season 4 (in the U.S. and Canada) can be seen below:

  • Episode 4: February 15
  • Episode 5: February 15
  • Episode 6: February 15
  • Episode 7: February 29 
  • Episode 8: February 29

Specific dates and showtime information for Season 4, Episode 4 can be seen in the links below:

What Will Happen in The Chosen Season 4, Episode 4?

As Jesus' influence over the people in The Chosen continues to grow, fans are expecting to see much more conflict come his way, especially from the Romans.

Continuing his journey to the holy city of Jerusalem, Jesus is set to take on some of his most notable moments from the Bible in Season 4, as are his disciples.

This new season is already confirmed to show John the Baptist's death and Lazarus' rise from the dead, all while fans wait for the ultimate moment where he's put to death via crucifixion.

Behind the actors bringing these memorable characters to life, there will be no shortage of drama and emotion in the coming weeks, particularly with confirmation of some "painful" moments still yet to arrive.

The Chosen Season 4, Episode 4 will arrive in select theaters starting on Thursday, February 15.

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