The Chosen Season 4 Gets Streaming Release Update (Official)

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The Chosen Season 4

Angel Studios officially gave an update on when The Chosen Season 4 will begin streaming online.

The Chosen Season 4 is going into theaters with a unique strategy, releasing several episodes (combined) throughout February.

Episodes 1-3 are now playing in theaters until February 14, Episodes 4-6 will follow from February 15-28, and the final two episodes will be shown in theaters on February 29.

The Chosen Season 4 Streaming Update

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The Chosen

In a recent response on X (formerly Twitter), The Chosen's official page posted that Season 4 of the series "will stream after the theater release:"

"We will stream after the theater release. Stay tuned for more information."

No specific dates were mentioned, though as The Chosen mentioned on X that "[They'll] announce streaming dates sometime after the theaters release."

Given the series' unorthodox release strategy for Season 4, not everyone is pleased with the theatrical release. One X user replied to the announcement, "Putting it in theaters was dumb."

The Chosen's official page assures them that they are "keeping [their] promise to keep the show free forever:"

"We are, as always, keeping our promise to keep the show free forever. But as we're the only show in history to be free (without requiring subscription fees or ads), no one should have a problem with people paying for the opportunity to see it a little earlier than the free option."

The official Angel Studios streaming service is completely free of charge, but it does enact a Pay It Forward method for those who have the means to donate to the website.

When Will The Chosen Season 4 Begin Streaming?

As the official X account mentioned, the streaming release dates won't be announced until after the season completes its run in theaters.

This means that The Chosen's streaming release will not be announced until March. 

While the announcement is not coming until after the series completes its theatrical run, that does not mean the release date will take too long afterward.

Angel Studios is looking for excited fans to go watch Season 4 in theaters, but there will most likely not be a long wait until it is available on streaming.

Unless something spectacular were to happen at the box office, like 2023's Sound of Freedom, The Chosen will soon be streaming.

Considering the strategy of giving fans two weeks to head to theaters to watch a batch of Season 4 episodes, all of The Chosen Season 4 should be available to stream midway through March.

The most likely streaming release date for The Chosen Season 4 (on Angel Studios' website) is Friday, March 14.

Episodes 1-3 of The Chosen Season 4 are now playing in theaters, check the links below for more information:

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