The Chosen Season 4 Gets Exciting Streaming Release Update (Official)

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Jesus Christ in The Chosen series

As The Chosen Season 4 finishes its theatrical run, fans now have a thrilling update on when the hit Christian drama will make its streaming return.

The Chosen is letting all eight episodes of Season 4 run exclusively in theaters in early 2024 before they hit the show's official website at a later yet-to-be-determined date.

As the last two episodes of the season made it to the big screen at the end of February, the question about its streaming premiere still remains prominent with no official update on when it will make that transition.

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New Update on The Chosen Season 4's Streaming Debut

The Chosen Season 4 main characters
The Chosen

The Chosen's official X (formerly Twitter) account shared a new update on when Season 4's time in theaters will end.

Responding to a fan who was irritated by the lack of news regarding the show's streaming debut, the show's account thanked the fan for their enthusiasm while noting the show would be in theaters "until [Sunday, March 10]:"

"We appreciate your enthusiasm for Season 4 and your marketing tips. Nothing has changed concerning our theater release. We’ll still be running until [March 10]. We are focusing on the theater release information to create the least confusion. Stay tuned for a streaming announcement."

This reaffirms a similar update the show's production team offered in early February, which noted the show would not begin streaming until "after the full-season run in theaters concludes."

A few weeks later, the team only used the word "soon" when asked when The Chosen would be available to stream, giving no other specific date for that milestone.

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When Will The Chosen Season 4 Begin Streaming?

With The Chosen now confirmed to stay in theaters until March 10, fans know not to expect the series to begin streaming until at least March 11.

Taking this and other updates into account, a mid-March streaming release seems possible for The Chosen Season 4, although it will more likely hit The Chosen's official website sometime later in the month.

So far in Season 4, fans have seen Jesus and the disciples take on darker storylines from the Bible which have foreshadowed the religious figure's terrible fate before Jesus is crucified on the cross.

Creator Dallas Jenkins and his team are hoping to have enough material for three more seasons, with the Crucifixion and the Resurrection both still on the table for a live-action adaptation.

The Chosen Season 4 will end its run in theaters on Sunday, March 10, with an official streaming release date to follow.

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